Digital Enablers



The best way for brands to approach and build/improve relationships with consumers is to understand their behavior, habits and preferences, as studying this behavior creates patterns that can be detected by analyzing data of all types. Data that is no longer limited to registration and transaction information on the customer (Business Intelligence), but mainly large volumes of unstructured data on social media, voice data (speech to text and speech analytics), images, geolocation and sensors (IoT).

This detection requires creating a robust Big Data computing environment, applying mathematical and statistical techniques (analytics) and a profound understanding of business, enabling the creation of in-depth analysis in all aspects of the customer experience, improving acquisition, monetization, cross- and up-selling, loyalty, support, retention, collection reducing fraud, churning and creating effective actions in all these areas.

Mobile Platforms

With the trend of human mobility, companies look for opportunities to manage customer relationship through mobile devices. Atento has experience in developing and managing proprietary mobile platforms, for use both by the end customer (such as an omnichannel service via chat, e-mail or voice), as well as for corporate use (such as team management in the field).

For the end customer, we can manage the sales process, customer care, collection and support directly on the mobile platform, with online validation, image and document capture directly from the phone’s camera, which can be integrated with the digital back office services.

For corporations, proprietary applications can be used for sales, trade marketing, lead capture, collection and other services. In our Trade Marketing solution, our A-mobility platform is designed to manage our teams in the field, including online process management, portfolio management, online dashboard, KPI tracking, routing and streamlined visits and operational follow-up.

Social Media

Social media has become one of the main channels for communication between brands and consumers. How do you make the most of them in customer relationship management? How do you anticipate the needs of an increasingly empowered consumer? How do you integrate traditional channels with digital channels?

Atento can monitor and interact on social media, to map, quantify and classify relevant consumer feedback on the brand, products and services. We enable a unique view of the customer, integrated with the service and CRM platforms, with problem-solving action.

This enables us to help our customers create an effective, detailed guideline for this channel, with voice, response limits, crisis management and scheduling.

As part of the continuous expansion of capabilities for our omnichannel platform and social media solution, Atento signed a strategic partnership with Keepcon, a company that focuses on the development of semantic technology with one-of-a-kind know-how in the market, to accelerate our current capabilities of understanding, content classification and automatic text responses on social media.

This platform has natural language processing (NLP) capabilities in Spanish, English and Portuguese, coupled with a powerful analytics module that makes it possible to understand customer demands and even their feelings, moderating content and responding automatically, in real time, to interactions on social media, generating valuable insights for our clients' businesses.

In addition to advances in social media, Keepcon's intelligence and text comprehension engine will enable Atento to enhance several service channels, including bots and automation services with assistance and response suggestions for our analysts and business consultants, creating a unique and different service experience for our customers.

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