Digital Solutions

 Speed, disruption and innovation are some of the characteristics that the digital transformation movement has been making in the market. The Digital context is changing how people think, relate with one another and acquire products.

Working with excellence within this scenario is an important part of the strategy at companies that want to stay competitive and grow their business!

And in line with this new reality, Atento, a specialist in customer relationship management and business process outsourcing (CRM/BPO), continues to invest in digital solutions, making it possible for companies to deliver the best experience and add value to relationships.


Digital Sales

Our digital sales solutions encompasses a 100% digital platform developed to sell any product or service. It contributes to defining commercial and digital marketing strategies, while we generate better qualified leads and optimize results based on analytics.

With a view to increasing conversion, we manage the entire process, from pre-sales to post-sales, combining digital marketing (with lead collection, enrichment and analysis) with our execution and management capacity, achieving sales 100% online or with chat-based human support.

It includes utilities such as  integrated multichannel support (active chat, bot, contact us); credit bureaus integration, anti-fraud module, and digital back office integration for online process management.

 Customer Care

Our solution includes monitoring and interacting on social media, to map, quantify and classify relevant consumer feedback on the brand, products and services. We enable a unique view of the customer, integrated with the service and CRM platforms, with problem-solving action.

It includes the use of bots and virtual assistants, providing an online, problem-solving service, guaranteeing the best experience for the end consumer.  Our specialized team offer consulting, design, implementation and management of the digital relationship, providing a unique vision of the client and greater consumer engagement. This enables us to help our customers create an effective, detailed guideline for this channel, with voice, response limits, crisis management and scheduling.

Automated Back office

We offer a complete and integrated platform, equipped to support the demands of companies in different sectors and covering the entire relationship cycle, from custom service to back office services.

Atento's Automated Back Office supports and automates activities related to processing and analysis of documents and handling of repetitive and manual processes, such as credit analysis/formalization up through credit processing/delivery.
The platform integrates process management technologies - BPM (Business Process Management) – with document management – ECM (Enterprise Content Management) - and image processing – OCR (Optical Character Recognition), as well as process automation – RPA (Robotic Process Automation), making the solution more complete, robust and ready to perform every Back Office activity with the highest performance. Using technology and processes, 100% of digital back office operations can be automated.

Digital Technical Support

From self-service to service for more complex technical problems, we rely on efficient online support and process management, involving a variety of areas and multichannel oversight along with the client, up until resolution.

We rely on services that include website development, construction and management of online content for support, simulators, instructional videos, animations, BOTs, smart FAQs, community moderation, social media and service videos.

Using bots, we guarantee fast and effective service, on a wide variety of channels, such as text messaging, telegram, chats, instant messaging and customized websites. We provide the latest technology and a specialized methodology, resulting in contact that is made five times faster, is three times more cost-effective and is 20% more productive, in addition to having a higher rate of resolution at the very first interaction.

Digital Collections

Operates at every level of collections, with the best conversion rate and results at a lower cost, using 100% digital channels, BOTs and Virtual Assistants, in addition to the debt renegotiation website. Our actions are based on dynamic strategies and channel segmentation, using advanced Big Data and Analytics tools.

Among other resources, our clients can count on the Virtual Agent, allowing for activation by phone or through messaging apps, without the participation of a human operator, making it possible to obtain a promise for payment in a rapid and standardized manner.

One of the biggest differentials of Digital Collections is the ability to contact the client using the channel that the consumer deems most convenient. The work of digital agents allows for fast and standardized contact by phone or through messaging apps, without the participation of a human operator. At the website, the consumer also chooses the best option for paying off their debt, also without the need for human interaction.

Atento's delivery of the best collections platform on the market is guaranteed by the Digital Arena, where we frequently test practically every supplier. This also makes Atento a major hub, where clients can find the best solutions on the market.

Our Digital Collections grew even stronger with the acquisition in 2016 of R Brasil Soluções, one of the leading collections services companies for large clients in the financial, telecom and retail sectors in Brazil.

Digital Customer Care

We make the relationship journey with a unique view of the client. This solution covers automation with a high rate of resolution for the best user experience.

It contributes to retaining customers and building loyalty, in addition to transforming the Customer Service Center into a revenue source with Cross-Selling and Up-Selling activities.

It relies on exclusive action by Keepcon, providing even more advantages and technology to manage the consumer experience, including assistance for marketing teams with real-time voice of customer reports, campaign analyses, competition benchmarks and brand health.

Solution Differentials:
Consulting capacity and knowledge of the client's business as a competitive advantage.
In-depth listening to the voice of the consumer with Keepcon and Analytics.
Automation via bots (chatbot, AVI, voicebot) and other self-service channels.


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