Atento and Repsol receive award for Best Customer Service in Spain

  • Repsol´s customer service provided by Atento received the CRC Gold Award for excellence in customer services and business process outsourcing management in Spain
  • Repsol´s customer service, which has already been recognized in other editions of the CRC Gold Awards, has integrated in 2017 social media channels and instant messaging via WhatsApp, which form part of the value offer of Atento Digital, Atento's digital business unit
  • Atento's solution for Repsol also operates under the COPC (Customer Operation Performa

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MADRID - Atento S.A. (NYSE: ATTO), the leading provider of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing services (CRM/BPO) in Latin America, and one of the top five providers worldwide, has been distinguished with the CRC Gold award for Best Customer Service for its solution for Repsol in Spain, a country where the company is a market leader. The CRC Gold are the most important recognition in the country for customer relationship management.

Atento receives this recognition for the second year running thanks to the work of more than 200 people, who provide the service through multiple channels: telephone, email, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn), and via instant messaging (WhatsApp).

The service is an example of the value offer of Atento Digital, Atento's digital business unit that it was recently presented in Spain. It is also a successful example of how customer service can integrate digital and traditional channels. The service has become a benchmark in quality and has obtained the most prestigious recognitions in the sector, including COPC (Customer Operation Performance Center) certification. This certification guarantees the efficient management of the customer relationship service and improvements in end user satisfaction levels. COPC is based on a High-Performance Integrated Management Model that works on service quality and processes, promoting excellence in customer relationship management operations at all times with clients.

“We are very pleased to receive for the second year running the most important recognition of our sector. We believe Repsol's customer service to be the best example of how innovation and quality can go hand in hand. In addition, within the framework of Atento Digital´s value offer in Spain, in 2017 we successfully integrated social media and instant messaging with the rest of the channels that Repsol was already using to provide best customer experience,” said María Pérez, Multisector Director Atento Spain.

Yolanda Martín, Repsol Customer Relationship Center Manager, added: “The fact that our customer service has been recognized yet again as a benchmark in quality is a true honor for us, and a reflection of our commitment to offering our customers a differential experience. This year, yet again, the great dedication and effort on behalf of Atento and Repsol is leading to highly satisfactory results.”

The CRC Gold Awards, conducted by the Spanish Association of Customer Relationship Experts (AEERC), IFAES and IZO The Experience Design Company, are benchmark awards in the sector of customer relationships and a mark of quality and excellence. The eighteenth edition of the awards was held on October 4 in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, as part of the Expo Relación Cliente, in a gala that brought together over 400 professionals and clients from the sector.

About Atento
Atento is the largest provider of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing (CRM BPO) services in Latin America, and among the top five providers worldwide, based on revenues. Atento is also a leading provider of nearshoring CRM/BPO services to companies that carry out their activities in the United States. Since 1999, the company has developed its business model in 13 countries where it employs 150,000 people. Atento has over 400 clients to whom it offers a wide range of CRM/BPO services through multiple channels. Atento's clients are mostly leading multinational corporations in sectors such as telecommunications, banking and financial services, health, retail and public administrations, among others. Atento´s shares trade under the symbol ATTO on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In 2016, Atento was named one of the World´s 25 Best Multinational Workplaces by Great Place to Work® for a fourth consecutive year. For more information visit

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