On/Off/Near Shore

Jointly with our customers we configure the right and best solutions for their "On/Off/Near-Shore" needs and opportunities. We truly are "The GLocal BPO/CRM company in Latin America".

At Atento we have an infrastructure that enables us to deliver profitable, efficient and operative customer service from different locations. With over 160,000 employees in 98 centers and 14 countries we can provide a scalable, customized solution in up to 19 languages. Thanks to this versatility, our clients can meet their objectives with a scaled approach adapted to their needs and interests.

Atento's world class CRM and End-To-End solution portafolios, gets delivered over multiple channels from the location that best suits our clients needs and growth expectations. Atento is able to offer BPO and CRM services in multiple languages, with bilingual and multilingual agents depending on geographical locations. As industries evolve, so does our solution portafolios. Today we have more than 7 world class pre-configured solutions supported by a technologically robust Omnichannel platform. These services are supported globally by certified and recognized methodologies and highly skilled and committed staff. This portafolios can be tailored and adapted to more than 12 industries. For further information regarding our solid service and product offerings, click here.

Select an area on the map to see the destinations and the languages we serve:


Destination: Puerto Rico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

Languages attended: Spanish, English, Portuguese, German.


Destination: Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Peru.

Languages attended: Spanish, English, Portuguese,French, Quechua, and Aymara.


Destination: Latin America, Morocco and Brazil.

Languages attended: Spanish,Regional Spanish languages, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic, Berber.

At Atento we work with our clients to provide the best On/Off/Near-shore approach to better respond to the economic needs and growth interests of their business. To do this, we apply the right combination of services from the best possible location chosen from three geographical perspectives:

  • Onshore. S Solutions located in the same country as our clients in order to meet the needs of those who want to be close to the operation and provide a differentiated service to their end consumers.
  • Nearshore. International solutions in neighboring countries to find an ideal solution for the needs of those who must reduce costs but remain close to their services.
  • Offshore. Solutions in countries far from that of our clients to meet the needs of those who must reduce costs without compromising on service quality.

Whatever the type of solution our clients need, at Atento:

  • We offer a wide variety of locations offering a unique experience that spans our footprint, regardless of where we serve you from, or who champions your brand or deals with your customers, you will be delivered the Atento Experience.
  • We provide a experienced offshore team with strong focus in serving you and your customers, offering seamless service delivery.
  • Our extensive footprint enables us to work closely with you wherever you are, with a local presence in key offshore destination markets (USA, Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, etc).
  • We guarantee operative processes that providing fast, flexible implementation, contractual security and flexibility and infrastructure and technological capacity.
  • We are experts in local legislation: general requirements in the country of origin and destination, employment legislation, data protection standards, taxes, etc.


  • 25% of US offshoring goes to Latam
  • Shared timezone
  • Cultural and language compatibility
  • Main destinations: Central America, Mexico and Colombia
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