Atento in Chile

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We raised our doors in Chile in 1999 and are now regarded as the industry leaders. We provide service to national leaders in all manner of industries: telecommunications, finance, health care, retail, public administration, and more. The company’s quality processes are COPC-certified, which substantiates our commitment to continue providing high-performance solutions to our clients.

Our centers

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Rosas/Santo Domingo

Rosas 1740: Santo Domingo 1725, Santiago (Casa Matriz)


Valparaíso : Condell 1530, Valparaíso


Vicuña Mackenna 1314, Ñuñoa - Santiago


Huechuraba : Av. Américo Vespucio 1737, piso 6 / Huechuraba - Santiago

Awards, recognitions and certifications

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Atento in Chile