DAP – Streamlining Back-Office Operations

Intelligent Automation
Revolutionizing Workflow Efficiency with Automation

DAP, powered by Atento, is an innovative Automatic Process Workflow Engine designed to optimize back-office operations. This solution enhances the distribution of activities, ensuring they are allocated swiftly and according to specific business rules, thereby maximizing operational efficiency and productivity.

Activity Distribution by Business Rule

Automates the allocation of tasks based on predefined business rules, ensuring efficient and appropriate distribution of work.

Real-Time Monitoring

Provides a live view of agent activities, enabling immediate insights into productivity and workflow status.

Queue, Priority and SLA Management

Manages queues effectively, sets task priorities, and ensures adherence to SLAs, keeping operational excellence.

DAP streamlines back-office operations, offering a more efficient and controlled environment for managing a wide range of activities. By automating and optimizing workflow processes, DAP significantly enhances productivity and service delivery.

DAP integrates with existing operational systems, providing a robust and flexible solution for managing complex back-office workflows and ensuring consistent operational performance.

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