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Back Office Solution

Based on Agile methodology and focus on the consumer experience, the project consisted of operationalizing the entire transactional Back Office of a payroll card operation, achieving an increase in processing capacity and a consequent increase in sales.


Operationalize the entire transactional back office of a payroll card operation, through automation and anti-fraud mechanisms, to guarantee the scalability of the product and achieve an increase in the product's sales volume.


We use agile development methodology, with a focus on User Experience (UX) and PMO framework, focused on assisted adoption.


- + 4,500 banking correspondents accessing the solution.
- Only 1% of the cases with documentary pending.
- Increased processing capacity from 2,000 to 5,000 proposals / day.
- SLA reduction from D5 to D0 if requested by 11am.


- Step-by-step monitoring of document analysis.
- Tool for generating slips.
- Self-service early settlement.
- Financial reconciliation.
- BI indicators.
- Decrease in HC.
- Used SCRUM model with SQUAD model for TO BE scenario in 60 days.

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