Success Stories: Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

In an increasingly competitive and digital market, customer experience differentiates successful companies from those striving to stay relevant. How a brand interacts with its customers can be key to fostering loyalty, driving sales, and ensuring sustainable growth.

Success begins with identifying client needs and expectations, implementing creative solutions, and cultivating an organizational culture focused on service excellence. With a dedicated, highly skilled team and innovative strategies, it’s possible to elevate customer experience standards to new heights. At Atento, we achieve this through technology, personalization, and a customer-centric approach.

Investing in personalization, accessibility, a welcoming environment, intuitive design, and authentic human connections are proven strategies that can transform the way customers perceive and interact with a brand. This approach not only satisfies but delights customers, creating long-lasting relationships that promote sustainable growth.

Here are some of our success stories where technology, combined with the human touch, generated memorable customer experiences:

Case 1: Digital Bank Transformation

A leading Mexican digital bank aimed to increase credit card issuance and enhance its collection services amid rapid market growth. Atento reinforced the bank’s omnichannel presence and implemented the best customer service practices, including collections, cross-up, and up-selling solutions, to deliver outstanding results.


  • 87% quality in phone service
  • 46.7% increase in collection recovery
  • 75.8% Satisfaction Index
  • 97.7% first-time resolution in chat
  • 95.12% first-time resolution on phone calls
  • 67.11% first-time resolution via email


Case 2: Analytical Excellence for Sales in Telecommunications

A major Brazilian telecommunications company needed to improve operational excellence and optimize B2C sales results.

Atento implemented an innovative strategy combining advanced data intelligence, quality analysis, productivity, and sales indicators. This approach included cross-selling with personalized solutions for remote and face-to-face teams.


  • Significant sales increase of $500k USD in 6 months
  • 27% growth in quality, productivity, and sales metrics


Case 3: From Information to Action in Points/Rewards Programs

A major client in the points/rewards segment sought to improve sales effectiveness by understanding the real reasons behind the execution or non-execution of sales contracts. Using generative AI, Atento analyzed 2,000 customer interactions to generate insights. This involved AI-driven transcription, summarization, and massive analysis of calls to identify the main reasons for interest or disinterest in products/services.


  • Identified the best time and argument for contacting prospects.
  • Improved contact efficiency and insights.
  • Created an “AI auditor” to validate sales interactions, correcting manual classification errors.


Case 4: Atento Knowledge Implementation for a Born-Digital Client

A digitally native client aimed to improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Average Lead Time (ALT) scores. Atento deployed generative AI technology with the Atento Knowledge solution, supporting operators throughout customer interactions. The tool handled systemic process formalization and status updates, integrating the client’s communication channels.

Results (after 3 weeks)

  • Reduced processing time from 11 to 5 days
  • 13% reduction in operating costs
  • 22% improvement in Customer Satisfaction Index (CSAT)
  • 30% increase in equipment productivity
  • 19% reduction in operational errors
  • Reduced agent content retrieval time from 244 to 86 seconds
  • 36% reduction in order backlog


Partner with Atento to Transform Your Customer Experience

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