Technical Support

Specialized tech support whenever, wherever, and however the client wishes.

A customer-centric process that raises engagement and loyalty, due to efficient and quick-solve interactions, no matter the critical level or customer segmentation, also providing a self-service process and innovative technologies, such as augmented reality. Furthermore, a team of multi-tier experts is available to manage complex issues.

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High Value

Back Office


Certified professionals

We provide Up to date technical certifications to our professionals, with no cost to our clients.

Comprehensive multichannel platform

That includes a field service modality, resulting in an end-to-end solution.


Service Management technologies that create process integrity, integration and visibility at all complexity levels.

A strong combination of Analytics and AI, to detect massive crisis, as well as cross and up-selling opportunities, such as out-of-warranty products.

Innovative technologies to support self-service interactions, such as image recognition, automatic tests and augmented reality.

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