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Remote Customer Service

  • Comp: This project pays $15 per hour + time and a half for over time if required.
  • Benefits: We offer full medical, dental, vision insurance and 401k with employee matching.
  • Team Configuration: You will have a team lead assigned to you as well as a supervisor, a trainer and an HR representative in case you had any questions.
  • Work Configuration: You will be working from home on an Atento PC, so there is an expectation that you are organized and self driven.
  • Pay Schedule: We pay electronically every other Friday.

To apply for this position, please fill out this form

Put NMN if you do not have a middle name
Use other if you were not born in the US
If other than USA, proof of citizenship is required
10 digits only
Bilingual not required to be considered. Need to be fluent in Spanish & English (speak and understand) to be considered bilingual.
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