Elevate Efficiency with Intelligent Access Management

Simplex by Atento is an advanced platform designed for meticulous operational control and access management. It ensures secure and efficient management of entry, exit and break times, while also safeguarding system and application access through skill-based permissions.

Access Control Module

Monitors and manages the flow of personnel, recording entry, exit, lunch, and break times to maintain operational integrity.

Workday Control Module

Provides oversight of daily work schedules, ensuring compliance with planned work hours and preventing time fraud.

Preventive Fraud Control

Tracks system and application usage with full traceability, preventing unauthorized access and potential fraud.

Simplex fortifies the security of operations and optimizes the management of human resources. By controlling access and managing workdays effectively, Simplex contributes to a secure and efficient workplace.

Simplex integrates with existing HR and security systems, enhancing the company’s ability to manage operations securely and efficiently, while also providing a robust foundation for compliance and auditability.

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