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We are Inclusive and Diverse

Diversity and Inclusion are embedded in Atento´s DNA and culture


In 2021, Atento Social, our psychological and social care program, expanded with the creation of the Doña Lila channel. Aimed at supporting those team members in situations of family, domestic and violence against women, from this project we can provide individualized and confidential care together with social workers and psychologists - who are also part of our team - able to offer guidance and support.


The A.I.M.A Program (Atención Integral a la mujer Atento - Comprehensive Care for Atento Women) is a strategy that seeks to serve mainly women, guiding them on issues of gender violence, equity and whistleblower action. In addition, it promotes spaces for training and gender recognition.


At the end of 2019, we implemented Diversity Governance, with a structure that involves all hierarchical levels within the company. Driven by this purpose, we created the Allied Groups and Diversity Ambassadors. Guided by the five pillars of our program - PwD, LGBTI+, Gender, Ethnic-Racial and Generations - the groups are made up of employees from different areas, regions and positions who work on a voluntary basis to promote diversity and inclusion.


Social Name is the name by which trans people are socially recognized and which reflects their gender identity. At Atento, employees can request a change of their social name on their badge, e-mail and meal voucher to be who they want to be. Furthermore, since 2013 we promote the use of our own Social Bathrooms, which are used into its according to each individual's gender identity.


The main goal of our Atento Listening Center is to strengthen the prevention of mental disorders and mental health awareness for our Atento Colombia collaborators, by providing them with complementary attention and assessment in mental health topics though a comprehensive approach.


Atento Impulsa is an Atento subsidiary created in 2009 focused on generating employment and training for groups at risk of exclusion. With 3 centers located in Spain, it employs more than 140 people with disabilities and is committed to eliminating the social and labor difficulties that certain groups face. Atento Impulsa actively cooperates with associations and public and private entities to reach agreements and favor the prefesionalization of these groups to work at Contact Centers. Since March 2020, 90% of the Atento Impulsa workforce is working under the Atento@home model.

In Partnership with

Atento’s name is now displayed as a unique symbol for all nationalities

The initiative is another chapter in the intense effort to promote inclusion and diversity by the company, whose name is now displayed with an exclusive symbol in sign language.

Diversity manifesto

At Atento we understand Diversity as the set of characteristics that make us different, unique and genuine.

We strive to build a work environment in which all people feel represented and part of Atento. An environment in which organizational diversity is a true reflection of our world´s diversity.

We care about society

We are part of the communities in which we operate, so we encourage their participation in the development of collaborative projects for joint sustainable development.

Atento, recognized with the UN WEPs Brazil 2021 Award

In July 2021, Atento was recognized with the UN WEPs (Women´s Empowerment Principles) Brazil 2021 Award, with an honorable mention for our gender equality actions. This initiative, owned by the United Nations (UN), is carried out through the Brazilian Network of the UN Global Compact and UN Women in Brazil.

A sun for the kids

Since 20 years ago, we are part of UNICEF´s “Un Sol para los Niños” campaign, the most important fundraising campaign aimed at contributing to guaranteeing more and better health, inclusion, education and protection for children and adolescents in Argentina. Atento volunteers take part in this campaign every year.

We care about our Employees


We believe in the power of transforming human talent, and we consider it the key to digital transformation. That is why in 2019 we put in place our Reskilling program for our Customer Experience professionals, aimed at training them on the latest technologies that can help them deliver the best Customer Experience.


On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a global pandemic. We have been working since then to guarantee the the health and safety of all our collaborators through different measures:


collaborators working from home


vaccinated by Atento


individual headset kits delivered


computers sent to work@home employees


face shields produced


liters of hydrogel


liters of liquid soap


in-depth cleaning processes due to infections


Totens for people's temperature measurement


sites inspections

The best place to work

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