Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionize Customer Interactions with Advanced AI

We at Atento are not just integrating Artificial Intelligence into customer service; we’re redefining it. We seamlessly blend artificial intelligence and innovative solutions to create engaging, humanized customer experiences.

Do you know your CX Maturity level using AI?

Revolutionizing Interactions with AI.
Our AI tools elevate customer experiences by digitizing interactions, analyzing sentiments, and utilizing technologies like Text to Speech for optimal service delivery.

The Power of Conversational AI.
Boost customer interactions with intelligent automation. Leverage the prowess of Chatbots, Virtual Agents, and NLP for seamless, efficient communication.

Seamless Omnichannel Excellence.
Our Augmented Digital Assistant and "Stressometer" foster a seamless, personalized experience across multiple touchpoints for superior customer engagement.

+ Cost optimization

+ Added Value Differentiation

Case resolution time cut by 50%

Customer satisfaction up by 12%
65% chat BOT resolution rate

Over 70% increase in digital collections recovery

+ Cost optimization

Case resolution time cut by 50%

Customer satisfaction up by 12%
65% chat BOT resolution rate

Over 70% increase in digital collections recovery

+ Added Value Differentiation

The Atento difference

The Center of Excellence

Encourages agility and innovation while maintaining safe business practices.

Our Virtual Digital Agent (VDA)

This AI-powered co-pilot interprets customer intent, streamlines interactions, and offers real-time support to human agents. It provides crucial information, answers queries, and directs users to appropriate channels in real-time, effectively expediting service delivery and ensuring data accuracy.

Brand personas empowered by AI

We develop an exclusive methodology for creating conversational brand personas for companies from different sectors. With this initiative, we simulate the brand’s identity through a fictitious profile focusing on the values, the company’s culture and its consumers’ needs. All this is to improve the communication through different channels such as IVR, chatbot and WhatsApp, where the user will be able to identify the company’s personality.


Our cutting-edge "Stressometer" technology identifies stress patterns within recorded audio files, offering invaluable insights without transcription.

Customer Expectations at the Core

The VDA aligns with consumer expectations for faster, more fluid AI-enabled services. Approximately 80% of consumers value AI technologies for simpler calls and swift responses, with over 70% seeking immediate natural language support. These insights inspire our commitment to evolve and improve our AI offerings continuously.

Enhanced Security with Atento's AI Biometrics

Our Facematch uses AI-powered face recognition to enhance security, comparing images with IDs for an accurate match. This state-of-the-art feature ensures the highest level of customer security while offering an extra layer of anti-fraud protection.

Transformative AI Insights and Decision-Making

Our innovative dashboards and propensity models, powered by a specialized team of data scientists, enable proactive and prioritized actions, producing more precise outcomes. We engage delivery teams to proactively address stressed consumers and foster a continuous feedback loop, utilizing historical data to enhance model parameters.

Why add AI to your CX?

Statistics Speak for Themselves

Our data reveals the growing expectation for conversational service:

Business leaders viewing customer support as a cost center would shift their perspective if:

Experience today's future of customer interaction, where technology meets the human touch to deliver unparalleled experiences. Be a part of the journey and experience the Atento difference.



An AI textbook. This vast collection of written or spoken content trains and tests language models, shaping the evolution of generative AI. It is fundamental for developing and improving generative AI models and their applications in different language tasks.


Think of these as word 'DNA.' They're numeric word representations, helping models grasp word relations and semantics. They capture the meaning in vectors, allowing it to understand relationships and similarities between words. They are used widely for text classification, translation, and summarization.


It is like giving your pre-trained model a masterclass. Tailor it for a specific domain or task, making it the best at what it does.

Foundation Models

Think of these as your AI starters. Pre-trained on vast data, they are your go-to for foundational tasks like word prediction and filling the gaps. These models serve as a starting point for more specific tasks and can be fine-tuned to meet the specific needs of a domain or application.

Generative AI

A facet of Artificial Intelligence specializing in systems that produce new data like images, text, or sound, drawing from their training data.

Large language Models (LLMs)

These deep learning powerhouses are nurtured on a feast of linguistic data, learning intricate language nuances. You'll find them in roles from text generation to sentiment analysis and machine translation.

Large Models (LMs)

The titans driving generative AI. With a vast number of parameters, these models thrive on enormous data sets, mastering intricate tasks from text to image generation. But remember, their scale demands significant computational power and expertise.


The latest LMs are multimodal. They can translate text to text, text to images, and even images to images!

Parameter-efficiency tuning

Smart customization. You feed examples to optimize the base model, sidestepping the need for fresh training.

Promp-Desing / engineering

Prompts steer language models. Crafting the right prompt is crucial for controlled and intentional AI interactions.

Reinforcement learning form human feedback (RLHF)

In the AI world, RHLF is next-gen AI model. It lets models construct layered language views, capturing nuanced patterns for top-tier text generation. With this hierarchical structure, RHLF can capture deeper, more subtle patterns in linguistic data, improving its ability to generate coherent and semantic text.

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