Digital Customer Care

A comprehensive view of the entire consumer service journey

Management of the entire customer journey, through the combination of integrated channels and process automation, allowing a more complete view of the entire journey. We focus on problem-solving, and involve experts and content curators (LUI – Language User Interface), and incorporate human contact when necessary.

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+ 8 % increase in NPS

due to greater customer satisfaction

15 % fewer repeated calls

with reduction of technical visits

+ 2 p.p. in profitability

thanks to agents training



Reduced cost of service, of return call requirements, and unproductive contacts.


Proactive actions based on predictive algorithms.

Increased Engagement

And a better user experience, improving indicators – such as NPS – and reducing complaints.


Implementation process driven by customer journey and content curating, with a focus on resolution.

Integrated management of voice channels, digital channels operation, and continued improvement process.

Personalized language service, using Language User Interface (LUI).

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