Late Collections

Business Intelligence and innovation supporting your company's collections initiatives

Our late collections process management is based on three pillars: Intelligence, Activation and Conversion. It features integrated CRM, digital agents, chatbots and a self-service portal, collecting all digital components on a single platform. Includes online dashboards that enable  flexibility in operational strategies, leading to better results for your receivables portfolio.


Compared to the traditional model

100 %

Activation of the total database

105 %

Goal exceeded effectively


Better Performance

By using analyticscontact enrichment and negotiator’s profile.

Receivables Management

Our platform can track results based on agreed future payments.


Contact channels that have a friendly consumer approach and ensure greater security and transparency.


24h Self-service portal for negotiations and counter-offer analysis.

Use of Data Science to predict consumer behavior.

Collection strategies in real-time, achieving targeted results.

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