Corporate Governance Framework

Our ethical commitment

At Atento we abide by a strong set of values, contained in our Code of Ethics, a guideline for all our employees to make decisions based on a common ethic standard, guided by honesty and integrity. This Code is aligned with our values and made extensive to our partners and suppliers.

Our ethical principles:

Upholding honest, ethical conduct
Reporting in a complete, fair, accurate, timely, and understandable manner in the company’s reports, documents, and communications
Complying with applicable laws and regulations, as well as our internal policies.
Internally reporting any known breach of the Code or any internal standard/regulation immediately, with the possibility of doing it anonymously. All reports will be treated with full confidentiality.
Finally, at Atento we consider of the utmost importance the accountability for adherence to the code.

Whistleblower Channel

At Atento, we have a Whistlerblower Channel aimed at detecting conduct contrary to law, principles or ethical rules and good governance.

This channel is enabled both internally and externally and employees, customers, suppliers and third parties are encouraged to access if needed, either through our website,, or by telephone.

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* The complainant can choose to report anonymously, and their anonymity will be guaranteed.

Transparency with Shareholders

We offer our investors all the necessary information so that they can make informed purchase and sale decisions and, thus, we avoid possible imbalances between reference and minority shareholders. Our Corporate Treasury and Investor Relations Area is in charge of the global strategy, expectations and financial evolution of the company.

On our Investor Relations website, you can find all general information about the company, communications, financial data, presentations, a calendar of events and information related to corporate governance.

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