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Energizing Experiences:
Powering the Customer Journey

We are enhancing the way customers interact with utilities companies every day. As experts in customer experience supported by technology with human touch, we understand the importance of reliable, sustainable, and customer-focused solutions. Through innovative practices and dedicated customer care, we are here to illuminate the path to better utility management.

Industry Trends

Our tailored solutions are engineered to meet the pulse of industry trends
Transition to Renewable Energy:
The green wave is reshaping power consumption as renewable energy sources surge forward, promising a future fueled by wind, solar, and geothermal forces.
Digitization and Automation:
Adoption of digital technologies and automated systems to improve operational efficiency and provide more personalized services to customers.
Smart Grids:
Cast a network of intelligence over cities, bringing resilience and efficiency to extreme climate events.
Energy Storage:
Development of technologies, such as lithium ion batteries allows energy to be stored, which helps balance supply and demand and improve grid stability.
Mobility electrification:
Brings opportunities to expand services towards vehicle charging infrastructure and facilitate the transition towards more sustainable mobility.
Data Management and Advanced Analytics:
Collection and analysis of large volumes of Big Data are allowing us to obtain insights about customer behaviors, and market trends.
Adaptation to Climate Change:
Mitigation measures and contingency plans are being taken to strengthen the resilience of its infrastructure to the impacts of climate change.

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We electrify each stage of the customer journey:

Acquisition: Streamlined service information requests, efficient contracting, and seamless installation processes.

Customer Experience: Responsive support for service inquiries, fault management, and technical visits across all customer interaction channels.

Retention: Engaging retention programs offering benefits and complementary products, along with easy contracting for new services.

Collections: Proactive payment reminders and robust collections management, ensuring financial sustainability and customer satisfaction.

The Customer Journey + Our Solutions

Research & Awareness



Start of

Service Use

and Customer

& Billing

& Loyalty

Customer Service Channels

  • Customers access a well-designed website and use social media for information and engagement.
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants offer quick answers and guidance.

Service Channels During Hiring – Registration

  • Easy-to-use online forms facilitate the registration process.
  • Various channels, including chatbots, are available to assist customers during hiring.

During-Service Customer Support Channels

  • Immediate chat and chatbot assistance on web and app platforms.
  • Remote support via video calling for in-depth technical help.
  • A variety of contact methods through multi-channel centers.
  • Self-service through an online repository of FAQs and guides.

Customer Service Channels

  • In-app notifications keep customers informed.
  • Loyalty programs and digital surveys are employed to enhance customer retention and gather feedback.

Our CX Capabilities: A Power Surge of Innovation

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We deploy AI to predict and respond to customer needs, ensuring reliability and enhancing user satisfaction in real-time.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Our engagement strategies keep users connected and satisfied across all service channels, fostering lasting relationships in the utilities sector.



We translate data into actionable insights for smarter energy solutions and personalized customer experiences.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Streamlining utilities processes with automation that drives efficiency and accuracy, freeing you to focus on innovation and growth.

Public Sector & Utilities

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