Connect the dots between patient care and customer experience, with solutions that promote convenience and peace of mind

in medical care that they find in digital platforms for other branded products and services. With access to a wealth of patient data, health organizations are in an advantageous position to develop rich, personalized, and secure customer journeys.

Atento’s Next Generation CX Solutions can help reshape the patient and provider experience with a combination of omnichannel fluency, compassionate agents, and data-driven automation.

By bringing together innovation, insights, and the human element health organizations can drive customer-centricity in their patient care framework.

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How we can help:

Customer Service

  • Find a doctor

  • Bills

  • Location & directions

  • Appointments

  • Insurance

  • Events

  • Patient overview

  • Telemedicine

  • Clinical trials

  • Support groups


  • Insurance sales

  • B2B equipment

Technical support

  • B2B equipment support


  • Medical records management

  • Patient registration

  • Surgery approval

  • Documents management


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