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"Keep improving your CX strategy enabling E2E data security"

The financial industry as others, has felt the impact of today’s digital experience. CX challenges are also increasing. The future of customer experience in the financial services industry is a must and needs to be speed across all channels from digitalization, personalization, AI and self-service.

Atento’s solution was designed to put together capabilities with high-security standards, comprehensive processes coverage to deliver differentiated customer experiences, improve employee collaboration and productivity, manage risk, and modernize core systems.

What we offer:
Next Generation Services

Using our skilled agents we provide the personalization required to improve customer loyalty and keep positive customer acquisition even in times of services disruption such as:

  • Sales: B2B, cross &
  • Customer service: retention, shielding and social media
  • Collections: B2B and

With different maturity levels across financial companies, our omnichannel plataform boosts customer experience by integrating in-person and digital information supported by our CX process consulting methodology to deliver consistent customer service across channels.

We use multiple technologies, including BPM, RPA, OCR, ICR, facial recognition supported by semantic, AI and machine learning to reduce time when scanning and validating documents for processes like loans application, open banking accounts, fraud prevention and credit card management. These technologies improve productivity, efficiency and security, reducing operational costs and time to complete long processes.

How we can help:


Loan: personal, auto, mortgage

Credit card management

Banking account

Product selling (B2B2C)

Cross & Upselling services

Internal back-office processes: document management, document scanning, analysis and validation

Credit card

Line of credit

Debit cards

Credit contest expenses

Transactions verification


Remote payments


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