Atento Smart Recruiter

Talent Acquisition GenAI Bot Platform

Atento Smart Recruiter revolutionizes how companies engage with job candidates using our advanced GenAI chatbot. Unlike traditional chatbots, which often rely on pre-scripted responses, Atento’s GenAI chatbot understands, processes and generates natural language, allowing for a conversation that feels both genuine and intuitive. Job applicants can chat as if they’re speaking to a real customer, making their interaction seamless and their responses more spontaneous and insightful.

Embark on a Groundbreaking Recruitment Journey. This is a step above that introduces potential agents to their roles interactively and proactively. By employing advanced generative AI chat conversation simulation, candidates experience a dynamic, real-world preview of their future at Atento, allowing for a truly informed decision.

Hyper-Personalization in Action

Generative AI Customer Impersonated Bot

Candidates engage with a hyper personalized AI that mimics actual customer scenarios, providing a realistic glimpse to their future role.

  • Gen-AI
  • Customer Roleplay
AI Text
Candidate Texts

LINEU - Learning Inteligent Node Efficient Understanding

Our intelligent moderator prevents attempts to break the LLM environment and out-of-context content.

  • Inappropriate content moderation
  • Avoids conversation deviations
  • AI moderating AI and Candidate
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LINEU Block Candidate
Candidate Texts


As applicants interact with our AI chat, we assess their skills in resolving real-life queries.

  • Applicant

Performance Evaluation and Scoring

Why Smart Recruiter?

1. Part of Atento Conversation Solutions:
Smart Recruiter uses GenAI powered by Atento AI Studio to create fluid and natural conversations that are customized and personalized each time.
2. Innovative Post-Interview Analysis:
At the end of the conversation test, the bot analyzes all responses within the context, generating scores and performance evaluations that support the hiring process.
3. Empathetic and immersive:
Smart Recruiter is designed to be an automated plus dynamic prequalification that is more accurate than ever before.
4. Synergistic Fit:
We are more than finding candidates for you; we make sure they are aligned with your brand.
5. Superior Understanding and Interaction:
Compared to other chatbot solutions, it boasts enhanced comprehension capabilities. Our prompt engineers tailor each AI and shape its tone of speech, aligning it with your brand’s voice.

Do you want to start recruiting the best talent for your CX?

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