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Since 1999, Atento has been at the forefront of transforming customer experiences in the telecom sector. As a trusted partner to TELCO industry leaders, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing every touchpoint of the customer journey through a blend of traditional and digital channels. Our comprehensive services cater to a wide array of client needs, including Corporate B2B, B2C, Prepaid, Postpaid, SME, and Home Services. At Atento, our mission goes beyond connecting calls; we’re committed to enriching connections and enriching lives.

The Telecommunications industry has seen a change in thinking regarding consumer loyalty drivers and NPS (Net Promoter Score) is no longer enough to offer competitive pricing for service packages or promote efficient features (e.g., internet speed, area coverage, etc.) to build and maintain customer engagement. 82% of telecom consumers will consider service provider alternatives if they experience a poor customer journey and 27% of them would abandon the purchasing process entirely*.


*Source: US Telecom Report

Industry Trends Shaping Our Solutions

The telecom landscape is rapidly evolving, influenced by key trends and user behaviors:
Of internet users cite service quality as their primary concern, underscoring the critical need for excellence in customer experience.
Of online activity is for educational purposes, indicating the essential role of reliable internet service in today’s learning environment.
Of internet usage is dedicated to instant messaging, highlighting the need for seamless communication solutions.
Increase in spending on data packages reflects growing demand and the importance of offering value-added services.
Of internet traffic is consumed by social networks, emphasizing the importance of social media engagement and support.
We pay close attention to these trends to guide our strategic approach and deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of telecom customers and the industry at large.

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Comprehensive Solutions for Every Customer Journey Stage

Acquisition: Our strategies encompass everything from BKO, door-to-door and in-store sales, to risk management and corporate sales, ensuring a smooth and efficient customer onboarding process.

Customer Experience: We excel in services activation, tech support, scheduling, plans management, and social media support, enhancing every aspect of the customer journey.

Retention: Through welcome calls, cross-sell and up-sell strategies, and loyalty program management, we ensure customers remain engaged and satisfied.

Collections: Our expertise extends to billing & collections, reimbursements, and reactivation, maintaining operational excellence behind the scenes.

Telecom & Media Journey Map

Initial Discovery

Navigating Challenges

Guided by Key Performance Indicators

Engagement and Onboarding

Communication Channels

Growth and Loyalty

Telecom & Media Journey Map


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