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Take advantage of a cost-effective operation to improve your CX

Service delivery and pricing are vital when creating and keeping a telco-to-consumer relationship. This scenario creates some challenges for Telcos, like dealing with the constant Legacy Infrastructure, customer tracking, and communication. A robust CX framework is essential for an industry with a high churn rate.

Our solution can help companies handle high volumes of interactions with the proper infrastructure, workforce, technology, and automation that improve retention rates. Key indicators, as NPS and CSAT, help our agents to enhance productivity for a better customer journey while being cost-effective.

What we offer:
Next Generation Services

With a strong experience in the telecom sector, based on our governance model to hire, train, and manage our workforce, we can streamline operations and lower operational costs to offset the cost of building new infrastructures.

Analytics provide our agents with the tools to better understand customers’ needs. This valuable info helps design innovative products, service bundles, and service improvement, generating more revenue through upselling and cross-selling products and services.

Due to the high number of legacy systems, we help our clients reduce data silos connecting multiple customer touchpoints that provide a seamless experience to get issues solved during the first interaction. 

Our solution manages invoicing, monitoring, data transfer, security, and reporting, which can be overwhelming for agents and produce errors. Using RPAs, we measure operation outcomes, improve employee productivity, lower the new services developing cost, and boost customer experience.

How we can help:



Customized offers

Digital platform efficiency

Service resolution

Device management

Customer service inquiry

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