We are truly committed to protecting the planet. We are aware that being environmentally responsible is essential to ensure our future as a company. That is why our environmental policy aims to encourage better use of natural resources. We use technologies that help minimize carbon emissions, reduce water and energy consumption, recycle waste, and improve environmental awareness.

Carbon Neutral by 2030

We are thrilled to join the coalition of companies and institutions committed to carbon neutrality by 2030. We have a clear agenda and we are meeting milestones along the way based on two fundamental pillars: technology and people (Tech with a human touch).

Our alliance with major Cloud service providers (WAS, Azure, GCP) is allowing us to progressively transfer our technological infrastructure to state-of-the-art data processing centers. Receiving clean energy implies a considerable reduction in the indirect emissions from scope 2(*) produced by our business operations.

Beyond our constant effort to maximize the use of resources and reduce consumption, we are in the process of improving the efficiency of our working model with a focus on both the energy used at our sites and the implementation of the Work-At-Home-Atento plan. WAHA will decrease the number of commuting trips from our 150,000 worldwide employees, and therefore it will reduce the indirect emissions from scope 3 (**).

(*) Scope 2: indirect emissions associated with electricity generation
(**) Scope 3: Other indirect emissions

Our achievements in 2021

of our carbon footprint in 2021 (*vs 2020)
of our carbon footprint per employee in 2021 (*vs 2020)

Some initiatives to address
Climate Change

We have some sites that have been certified for being eco-friendly, such as the Element building in Colombia, where we achieved the Leed Platinum certification.
Also, at Atento we have been carrying out reforestation actions in Brazil since 2014, in order to compensate our CO2 emissions.

Our contribution to the Planet in numbers

+40% water consumption reduction

(*last 2 years)

10% reduction centers energy consumption.

1,600 seedlings to plant in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.

+ 80,000 employees worldwide working from Atento@home, reducing resources’ consumption at work centers and minimizing travel.


Responsible use of water, electricity, and paper in our sites.

Substitution of business trips for video calls.

Prioritize energy consumption from renewable sources.

Consumption of energy from renewable sources.

Application of energy efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption.

Digitization of our processes to reduce paper waste in offices.

Waste split from start at our sites and recycling bins.

Environmental awareness training for our employees.

Development of a large part of our activity in the cloud, which generates a lower volume of CO2 emissions than the use of other conventional formats.

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