Innovation Hub

Atento's acceleration and constant innovation platform

At the heart of our ethos is the firm belief in the power of innovation. It shapes our dialogues, guides our practices, and ultimately defines who we are.

In 2020, we not only preached innovation, we embodied it. Our relentless pursuit of novel practices earned us the esteemed ISO 56002 certification — a global recognition of exemplary innovation management. But we didn’t stop at being the first in our sector to attain this certification; we forged ahead, securing it for an unmatched fourth time in 2023.

From our Innovation Hub nestled in Latin America (Brazil), we elevate our capabilities, crafting disruptive solutions that continually refine customer experiences (CX), drive performance, and bolster results.

Our approach is collaboration and openness, leveraging in-house expertise and strategic alliances. This fosters a thriving knowledge exchange and ideation ecosystem, setting the stage for pioneering projects and unrivaled solutions in our industry. Our Innovation Hub has become a springboard for initiatives that cultivate evolutionary and disruptive solutions, keeping us at the forefront of progress.

So, as we champion innovation, we’re not just sharing a concept — we’re living proof of its transformative power.

About the program


Searches for Start-ups with disruptive technologies focused on improving the Customer Experience while driving performance and results for its clients.
Aims to prospect startups by launching cutting-edge innovation, business, and technology challenges within the CX universe. In doing so, it quickly, simply, and objectively connects startups to the Atento ecosystem.


Is an engaging program initiated in 2022 that encourages employee innovation, having already involved over 2,000 participants and cultivated over 200 transformative ideas to enhance the consumer experience continuously.

Our Unique Tools

Brand personas empowered by AI

We develop an exclusive methodology for creating conversational brand personas for companies from different sectors. With this initiative, we simulate the brand’s identity through a fictitious profile focusing on the values, the company’s culture and its consumers’ needs. All this is to improve the communication through different channels such as IVR, chatbot and WhatsApp, where the user will be able to identify the company’s personality.


Atento’s exclusive tool, based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science tools. This resource identifies and categorizes complaints made through the most varied channels, both by text and by voice, creating a ranking with consumers who are more stressed and demand more atention, directing calls to proactive human contact and preventing the situation from worsening.

For us, integrating different perceptions and getting the best out of each one of them is enriching for any project. That is why we promote this concept among our employees, and we put it into practice in our day-to-day and internal processes, both in physical and digital environments, using state-of-the-art technological resources.
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