Customer Engagement
Dynamic Campaign Management, Seamlessly Integrated

Sirius stands as a flexible and robust solution for managing campaigns and calls, designed to work in harmony with Symphonie, enhancing customer engagement in dynamic forms and questionnaires.

Campaign & Call Management

Tailored for dynamic and efficient handling of various campaigns and call activities.

Dynamic Forms & Questionnaires

Enables the creation of interactive forms and questionnaires to engage customers and gather valuable data.

Microservices Architecture

Built on a modern architecture, ensuring scalability and facilitating integration with other solutions.

Sirius is utilized to orchestrate and streamline campaign management and call operations, providing a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface for customer interactions.

Sirius’s integration with Symphonie allows for a seamless transition between campaign management and telephony functions. Its microservices architecture not only ensures a robust and scalable solution but also enables Sirius to be a foundational component that enhances other solutions within the ecosystem.

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