Acceleration Program

Launched together with Liga Ventures.

Business and the Market

Create new opportunities with one of the world’s market leaders, connected across all stakeholders.

Atento Mentorship Network

Supported on decades of market experience.


Gain access to the Liga Ventures’ contacts network and connect to potential partners and investors.

Meet the selected startups

Mr. Turing: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data startup that was born to solve a great difficulty that corporations face: the time spent searching for information and the frustration of not being able to find what is needed.

Inflr: platform that connects brands with their customers on social media, capable of increasing the audience of content created by influencers and getting in touch with 100% of followers, exceeding the number of users impacted through traditional models. In addition, it contributes to increasing the performance and the exposure time of these contents.

NeuralMind: startup that helps companies increase the productivity of back office processes through digitization and automation.

Twist: a Data Science company that performs data collection, processing, and analysis. The startup will have the support of the company for the co-creation of projects that contribute to enhancing the performance and results of Atento´s clients in the monitoring and classification of contact profiles from social networks in real time.

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