Atento develops custom brand avatars

  • Atento, in collaboration with the Brazilian Collective IntelligenceLaboratory – LINC, analyzesbrands’ personalities and creates avatars based on each company’s values to better interact with consumersvia digital channels.
  • The idea is to create a profile that tracks the brand’s identity and focused on its values, culture, and consumers’ needs.
  • Based on a previous study, Atento builds an avatar with specific features and tone of voice to develop the language that will be delivered through user


Madrid, 9 September 2020– Atento, one of the world’s top five largest providers of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing (CRM/BPO) and leader in Latin America, in partnership with the Brazilian Collective Intelligence  Laboratory – LINC, developed an exclusive methodology to create brand avatars for companies across different segments. The goal is to trace the brand’s identity through a fictional profile focused on the company’s values and culture, plus consumers’ needs, creating what is called  ‘Brand Persona’.  This mix between methodology and technology allows companies personification when communicating and interacting with customers, through interfaces such as IVR, chatbot, WhatsApp,  etc.

This methodology was developed and structured by Atento’s Language User Interface (LUI) using studies based on the key traits and factors that define the brand’s main personality types. Besides, it uses tools and techniques that help companies develop the character that best represents it.

“We developed a process capable of creating an interface that brings the company’s identity to interact with consumers. It must be very well defined; after all, it does not only represent the organization, but it is also the main liaison with consumers,” explains Mauricio Castro, Atento’s Director of Innovation.

The first step, in this new methodology process, entails qualitative research and analysis of the company’s profile, evaluating how the brand interacts and behaves across different channels, analyzing its scripts, the style guide and other materials that define how the brand delivers, perceives, generates expectations and interacts with its audiences. Later, a questionnaire is distributed to people from different areas and hierarchical levels of the company. By interpreting gathered data, brand personality is created, identifying  Relationship index, Innovation, Humor, Community, and the company’s commitment.

Finally, an “avatar” is built with specific features and tone of voice to produce the language that will be used in consumer interactions. Words are not only a tool to deliver a message, support sales, or give product information, but also help to create a brand’s identity and personality.

For this methodology creation, Atento leveraged on professors’  experience such as Dr. Rogério da Costa, Communication and Semiotics Coordinator from the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC), and who is a specialist in collective intelligence, social networks, cyberculture, virtual communities, biopolitics, and cognitive capitalism.

“We believe that to bring a consumer closer to a company, he or she needs to see who they’re dealing with and this type of interaction is easier when the brand becomes a persona. Adjusting the character’s tone of voice to the personality type and keeping a pattern across all interfaces is one of the challenges when building a language,” says the Atento executive.

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Atento is one of the world’s five largest providers of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing (CRM/BPO) services and a leader in Latin America. Atento is also a leading provider of NEARshoring CRM/BPO services for companies operating in the United States. Since 1999, the company has developed its business model in 13 countries and has a presence in Spain and a workforce of 150,000 employees. Atento has more than 400 customers to which it provides a wide range of CRM/BPO services through multiple channels. Its clients are leading multinational companies in sectors such as technology, new digital enterprises, telecommunications, finance, healthcare, consumer consumption and public administration, among others. Atento shares are traded under the symbol ATTO on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2019, Atento was recognized by Great Place to Work® as one of the 25 Best Multinationals to Work in the World and as one of the 25 Best Multinationals to work in Latin America. For more information


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