Atento Reduces Its Carbon Footprint by 30% Over Two Years

  • Elevated to Global Top 10% by Sustainalytics for mature, impactful sustainability initiatives.
  • Strategic emphasis on Carbon Footprint reduction and expansion of Allied Groups bolsters global strategy


SÃO PAULO, DECEMBER 21st, 2023 – Atento, one of the world’s largest providers of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing (CRM/BPO) services and an industry leader in Latin America, unveils its ESG report, showcasing remarkable results in sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Over the past two years, Atento has significantly reduced its carbon footprint by more than 30%, a testament to its unwavering commitment to climate change. These achievements stem from a series of robust initiatives, including the eco-friendly optimization of its vehicle fleet and advanced methods in employee commuting surveys, enhancing the company’s understanding and reducing its environmental impact.

This commitment has not gone unnoticed. An external evaluator, Sustainalytics, recognizes Atento among the top 10% of companies globally, affirming its position as a sustainability leader.

Diversity forms another cornerstone of Atento’s strategy, focusing on five key areas: Gender, LGBTQ+, People with Disabilities, Races/Ethnicities and Generations, each supported through dedicated Allied Groups. These initiatives are progressively being rolled out across all Atento locations.  

Pablo Sánchez, Global CMO and ESG Director at Atento, emphasizes: “Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is beneficial for everyone. By nurturing an inclusive and collaborative environment, we enhance both employee satisfaction and customer experience, reflecting positively on our overall business performance”.

A notable highlight is the significant representation of women within Atento, representing 65.6% of the workforce, with 54.6% in management roles across various regions. This statistic underscores the company’s commitment to gender equality and leadership in fostering a diverse workforce.

Atento’s strategies are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as it pledges to contribute to broader global objectives through targeted local actions.

The company’s transparency and dedication to sustainability are further evidenced by its annual report, audited by European Quality Assurance (EQA), and adherence to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards in the Core version. This report and previous ESG reports dating back to 2008 are available here.

About Atento

Atento is the largest provider of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing (“CRM BPO”) services in Latin America and one of the leading global providers. Atento is also one of the leading providers of nearshoring CRM BPO services for companies in the United States. Since 1999, the company has developed its business model in 17 countries, employing approximately 120,000 people. Atento has more than 400 clients, offering a wide range of CRM BPO services across multiple channels. Atento’s clients are mostly leading multinational companies in the telecommunications, banking and financial services, healthcare, retail and government sectors. In recent years, the company has been recognized for its excellence by several industry analysts in different regions, including Everest (named a “star performer” in 2021), Gartner (recognized as a leader in Customer Service BPO in the Magic Quadrant since 2021), Frost & Sullivan (named a leader in CX Outsourcing in Latin America for 2022) and Forbes (selected as one of the 100 best companies to work for in 2023 in 2023. Spain). For more information, visit


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