Atento@Home: upholding first-rate user experience in the virtual workspace of the future

New York, 22 October 2020. Over the past few months employees across the globe, forced to abandon their offices, have been transforming their homes into temporary offices spaces. And with many of the technological giants reporting plans to roll out working-from-home in the long-term, it is becoming clear that this new trend will shape the way the world’s cutting-edge companies operate from now on. According to a survey carried out by KPMG on 315 CEOs, 69% said they would be downsizing office space over the coming years.

Despite the flexibility that working from home provides for employees, and the cut in expenditure that reduced office space affords companies, the consequences on cybersecurity with these new working methods and their susceptibility to data breaches are under scrutiny. At the same time, companies that are new to the virtual workspace, are having to adapt to a new business area for their customer experience needs, and are looking to rely on a partner with the expertise and technological capabilities to respond quickly to this shift.

In a bid to meet its global clients’ changing needs, Atento, one of the world leaders in CRM and BPO provision, has created Atento@Home, a set of technical management and infrastructure solutions.

Atento@Home – the secure infrastructure solution

Atento@Home delivers benefits to professionals working from home while guaranteeing the simultaneous monitoring and protection of digital operating systems across multiple access points, safeguarding business-sensitive information. This allows clients to focus on the operations of their business safe in the knowledge their data is secure. Meanwhile, agents can reach the same performance levels previously experienced at the office, from the comfort of their make-shift home office space.

According to Silvio Mendonca – Atento´s Global CIO, “The pandemia required us to adopt new working methods in record time. In a few weeks, we scaled more than 60,000 agents working safely from home. We needed to guarantee performance levels and continue to deliver unique customer experience solutions for our clients, while protecting customers’ sensitive information on both our clients’ and our systems. Atento@Home was our response to this need.”

The main security benefits of Atento@Home

When addressing WAHA solutions, security becomes a key topic, and it involves much more than technology: Security must be built end-to-end, starting from profiles’ selection down to customer experience design, connectivity, surveillance and workplace design, among others. That is why Atento has put security at its core when creating our Atento@Home enabler, which main elements are highlighted below:

  • End-to-end data encryption:providing the highest level of data security for communications between our agents, final customers and front and backend systems, protecting data from being intercepted by any third parties, only reaching those for whom it is intended.
  • Blocking of login and workstation after downtime:if the agent is absent from their equipment for a given time, the workstation is blocked and they are prompted to reenter their password upon their return. Workstations are also blocked after working hours and during breaks, for increased security.
  • Multi-factor authentication:it prevents security breaches, by enabling different access authentication methods, including facial recognition.

A new era for user experience

Forward-looking companies are turning to new integrated solutions using multiple channels to cater to their customer experience needs. Customer experience has been thrust to the fore over the recent months and is therefore now more comparable from one provider to the next, meaning service providers need to have watertight processes and deliver an impeccable performance.

“For our clients, the transition to Atento@Home was smooth and timely with a solution in place, in most of the cases, in just two weeks. At a moment in time where upholding good customer experience is more challenging than ever, the fact that our client’s businesses were not hindered but actually improved by this virtual work environment is a testament to Atento@Home”, Silvio Mendonca said.

Atento is committed to supporting its clients’ changing needs. By taking the time to understand these requirements and finding innovative, swift and successful solutions, such as Atento@Home, they are proving both their effectiveness and productivity in the virtual workplace and continuing to offer a first-rate user experience.

About Atento

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