Atento’s name is now displayed as a unique symbol for all nationalities

  • The initiative is another chapter in the intense effort to promote inclusion and diversity by the company, whose name is now displayed with an exclusive symbol in sign language

São Paulo, 16 March 2022 – Atento S.A. (NYSE: ATTO, “Atento” or the “Company”), one of the world’s five largest service providers and a leading company in customer relationship management and business process outsourcing (CRM/BPO) services in Latin America, presents the market the official symbol that represents the company’s name in sign language, providing more agility and improving communication between deaf and hard-of-hearing people of any nationality, without limitations.

Atento’s deaf and hard-of-hearing employees directly participated in the project, facilitating interactions and promoting their inclusion across all regions where the company operates. From now on, the name “Atento” is displayed as a unique and exclusive gestural symbol, without the need to spell it, which positively impacts communication between the hearing-impaired community, including employees, customers, and society in general.

The sign was a pioneering creation in the CX industry in Brazil, even though it is universally used, made by combining the words ‘help’ and ‘Atento’ (which means attention in Portuguese)  in Libras (Brazilian Sign Language). Atento agents have already started to promote the sign using the video services provided exclusively for the company’s deaf and hard-of-hearing customers.   

According to Ana Marcia Lopes, Vice President of HR and Social Responsibility at Atento in Brazil, this is just one initiative, among many others, that the company implemented as part of its effort to promote inclusion, already recognized in the Brazilian market. “Today, we have more than 50 deaf and hard-of-hearing employees who can support a project of this size. Their direct participation really makes us feel proud. And it is with great satisfaction that we present this work’s results, which made us look closely at the needs of those who live with limited communication every day,” she explains, noting that the company is the first in the sector in Brazil to have their name in Sign Language.

“We believe that diversity generates value, so we have a strong culture of inclusion, offering equal opportunities for all our employees. Promoting actions that contribute to make not only our work environments more inclusive but also society as a whole, is part of our mission and it is aligned with our ESG strategy,” emphasizes Pablo Sanches, global director of marketing and ESG. 

Deaf and hard-of-hearing inclusion in Brazil

To suupport communication among the deaf and hard of hearing and create an increasingly inclusive environment for this group, our training area developed a free introductory course in Libras (Brazilian sign language), which any employee can take. The company also offers Portuguese training for deaf employees to develop writing skills for text assistance since learning this mode of communication represents literacy in another language and linguistic variety.

Furthermore, since 2019, the company has offered customer service in Libras, which is currently provided for customers from financial services companies, electronics manufacturers and banks, and has already attended more than 2,000 people in Brazil. Besides to this feature, Atento’s agents are also trained to assist deaf and hard of hearing people via lip reading or chat services.

About Atento

Atento is one of the five largest global providers for client relationship management and business process outsourcing services nearshoring for companies that carry out their activities in the United States. Sifor nce 1999, the company has developed its business model in 14 countries with a workforce of 150,000 employees. Atento has over 400 clients for which it provides a wide range of CRM/BPO services through multiple channels. Its clients are leading multinational companies in the technology, digital, telecommunications, finance, health, consumer and public administration sectors, amongst others. Atento trades under ATTO on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2019 Atento was recognized by Great Place to Work® as one of the 25 World’s Best Multinational Workplaces and as one of the Best Places to Work in Latin America. For more information 

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