Interfile, an Atento company, announces organizational changes and a new phase

  • The new structure is one of the strategies to createmoresynergywith Atento, which acquired 100% of the company in 2019.
  • BPO specialist company closed  2020 with an increase ofmore than 20% in revenues compared to the previous year.

 São Paulo,  May 13, 2021  –  Recently the back-office automation service offer has gained relevance in the portfolio of Atento, a leading company in Customer Relationship Management and process outsourcing services (CRM/BPO) in Latin America, and one of the five largest providers worldwide. To meet the challenges of transforming its customers, especially at a time when companies around the world are undergoing a huge investment in digital tools, driven by the Covid-19 Pandemic, Atento has a range of next-generation services, including full back-office automation, that streamlines tasks’ processing that took days to be completed in just minutes, using AI throughout the process, while reducing errors.

In Brazil, the company is supported by Interfile, the leader of BPO services and solutions in the country, with 30 years of expertise, which was acquired by Atento in 2019 and now undergoing a restructuring. The goal, in addition to creating greater synergy with the other companies within the group, is to expand the BPO services offering across all regions in which Atento operates, focusing on several industries: finance, health, insurance, education, and the born-digital. The back-office services include payroll, credit management, mortgage loans,  car loans, legal BPO, checking accounts, fraud prevention, medical bills reimbursement, document management, among others. All executed by applying different technologies: RPA, OCR, ICR, BRICS, Facial  Recognition, Semantic Motor, and Artificial Intelligence, for the delivery of a more complete and 100% automated back-office experience for its customers.

To accomplish this, Atento appointed Marcelo Alves, who has been promoted from VP  of  Operational Excellence and Shared Services of Atento Brasil to Interfile’s General Director. And to meet this challenge, Marcelo will have the support of André Luiz Gomes Carneiro as  Chief Operating Officer,  Edilaine Alves de Almeida, as Commercial Director,  and Andre Luis Vedolin, as IT Superintendent of TI, who are all in new roles within the company.

The company will also continue to invest in innovations and improvement of automation solutions, bringing more agility and efficiency to Atento’s broad portfolio. “My main challenge at this time for Interfile is to integrate even more its portfolio of solutions for Atento’s current customers, without losing sight of new customers’ acquisition for the group worldwide”, says Marcelo Alves.

According to Alves, one of the initiatives is the sponsorship of the start-up NeuralMind, which is part of Atento Brasil’s start-up acceleration program, Atento Next. NeuralMind focuses on helping companies increase their back-office processes productivity through scanning and automation, a purpose that goes fully aligned with Interfile’s value offering. “We apply state-of-the-art technology in rear processes, bringing more security, agility, and efficiency,” adds the executive.

In 2020, the company generated revenues 23% higher than the previous year and, currently, there are 2,300 employees distributed in 24 cities across the country, more than 70% working from home.   “The whole team is very excited. We are ready to bring all our expertise to serve our clients and their customers, reinforcing our commitment to bring more efficiency to business processes”,  celebrates Interfile’s General Director when making comments about the great annual results,  despite the entire scenario experienced by the market and society in 2020.

According to Dimitrius Oliveira, Atento Brasil’s President, Interfile’s operations contributed to exponentially expand Atento’s expertise in Back-office processes. “Since Interfile’s arrival, our BPO offering has reached another level. Today, we can integrate technological resources to optimize the negotiations and deliver solutions, without a doubt, more complete to our customers. Currently, we own 100% of the leading national company in the segment and we are moving to expand even further in the market,”  Oliveira says.

For Carlos López-Abadia, Atento’s CEO,  Interfile’s performance has been instrumental in attracting new businesses in the BPO sector.   “The use of disruptive technologies such as AI, analytics, and automation can and should be used for successful management and contact with consumers,  and Interfile’s entire know-how, acquired over these 30 years of existence, contributes to delivering the best relationship journey, whether in the back or front office. With the current restructuring, we hope to bring even more synergy within the group and expand our Next Generation Services offer, with high added value, for all our customers”, highlights López-Abadía

About Interfile

Interfile is the leading company in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services with a focus on offerings for the financial and credit generation sectors. Since 1991, it has been offering back-office solutions for companies in various segments. In 2017, Atento, a multinational leader in Customer Experience solutions in Brazil and Latin America, became the company’s majority shareholder. In 2019, with 100% digital solutions, it became part of the Atento Group. With the union of the expertise of the two companies, it consolidated its position as the largest provider of BPO solutions in the country. For more

 About Atento

Atento is one of the top five global providers of consumer relationship management and business process outsourcing services to companies operating in the United States. Since 1999, the company has developed its business model in 13 countries with a workforce of 150,000 employees. Atento has more than 400 customers for whom it offers a wide range of CRM/ BPO services through multiple channels. Its clients are leading multinational companies in the sectors of technology, digital, telecommunications, finance, health, consumption, and public administration, among others. He has ATTO trades on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2019, Atento was recognized by Great Place to Work® as one of the 25 Best Multinationals to Work for in the World and as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Latin America. For more information

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