Multigenerational Diversity: All Generations in tune to deliver an excellent service

At Atento, our strength is drawn from the diverse tapestry of ages that forms our team. We firmly believe in the power of every generation, recognizing and appreciating each employee’s unique contribution, irrespective of age. This melting pot of experience and youth drives our exceptional customer service.

Our workforce comprises 34% aged between 18-25, 59% spanning 26-49, and a vital 7% aged 50 and above. This balanced blend ensures a variety of perspectives and expertise, laying the foundation for meaningful, enduring connections with the customers of our represented brands.

Viviane Matarazzo, a 55-year-old Quality Leader with five years at Atento, saw more than just a job – she found a career pathway tailored to her aspirations. “I began as an operator and climbed the ranks thanks to exemplary leadership in just a year. I secured two promotions through our Escalada Project, an internal growth initiative. It’s a rarity for companies to embrace age as Atento does. Being part of a team where age isn’t a hurdle, but an asset is truly liberating.”

Atento has established the Allied Generations Group to address generational nuances and encourage dialogue. Comprising volunteers from across the company, this group delves deep into inter-generational coexistence, the role of 50+ individuals in today’s workplace, ageism, and fostering mutual understanding.

Our recent ‘Young Worker in Action Week’ introduced new employees (18-23 years) to the company via mentorship from seasoned colleagues. This strategy imbibes the spirit of inclusivity from day one and promotes inter-generational dialogue, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, integration, and learning.

Lilian Rodrigues Gil, Atento’s Business Director and ambassador of the Allied Generations Group, asserts, “At Atento, age isn’t a boundary but an opportunity. We’re in the business of nurturing dreams, regardless of when they were born. By embracing every generation’s distinctive traits and aspirations, we’re cultivating a stimulating work environment where every employee’s passion to innovate is cherished.”

Margarete Yanikian, Superintendent of Corporate Social Responsibility at Atento, adds, “A pivotal aspect of our approach is fostering inter-generational collaboration. While we empower our seasoned professionals with resources to stay abreast of modern trends, we equally celebrate the fresh insights from our younger team members.”

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