RPA technology reduces the cost of managing bank receipts by up to 90%

  • According to Gartner, worldwide revenues from robotic process automation (RPA) software will reach $ 1.89 billion this year, an increase of 19.5% from 2020
  • Atento managed more than 90,000 receipts for one of its clients in the real estate sector in 2020 with RPA technology, reducing its management cost by 90%

Madrid, 23 February 2021. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) burst into the information management landscape as a technology that allows for better results with fewer resources. According to Gartner, worldwide revenues from robotic process automation (RPA) software will reach $1.89 billion this year, an increase of 19.5% from 2020.

 RPA technology has great advantages, both from the point of view of productivity, as well as in terms of scalability in the use of resources or regulatory compliance. Regarding regulatory compliance, this technology has started to gain more and more ground. In recent years, RPA solutions emerged to guarantee legal compliance between companies and contractors. One of the sectors where the use of RPA technology grew more is real estate.

Atento, together with its partners Abbyy, Blue Prism, and UiPath, provides development and implementation services for these technologies in order to reduce the paperwork that adds little value to the business. In this context, both the real estate and banking sectors face a wide variety of challenges that affect their daily work. The finance and administration departments are the main beneficiaries of this type of automation, which can be used for the issuance of remittances and the subsequent conciliation, as well as for the extraction of key information from direct debit receipts. This allows a classification of the type of charge, as well as the association of each property with its cadastral reference.

Atento helped a player within the real estate sector by managing more than 90,000 receipts through this technology, in comparison to the 30,000 receipts that can be managed without it. This helped to drastically reduce by around 90%, the cost of performing this task for a traditional BPO.

“At Atento we help our clients to use RPA technology in an agile and useful way. In addition, when combined with technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR), it allows us to analyze, verify and validate documents, from a simple note to a purchase-sale document or contracts. We contribute by providing a 360º vision, and since we automate the digitization of data, we are able to extract key information from documents that we can also later process, making the whole process more efficient through the use of RPA technology ”, points out Eduardo Aguirre, Atento´s Transformation Director.

Automation and robots to streamline the management and reconciliation of receipts

The functionality of robots goes far beyond taking care of paperwork tasks such as downloading files, collecting data, and processing them in the ERP. Atento has managed to provide the capabilities that allow obtaining valuable information such as the cadastral reference or the reason behind a debt, providing different solutions for each case.

In recent years, sectors such as real estate have accelerated their level of investment in technology in order to adapt to the current scenario of digital transformation and face new challenges. The optimization and digitization of processes helped companies avoid spending much time on paperwork.

“Technologies such as RPA help to automate simple, repetitive tasks with little added value, and allows to optimize resources, helping companies to become more competitive by reducing decision-making time and facilitating real-time access to the documentation generated by assets, clients, users ”, concludes Eduardo Aguirre.

About Atento

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