Safety and investment in tech platforms are the current priorities for businesses in the CX industry

  • The main conclusion stemming from an event held by Atento, Living Digital:Breathing the new normalis that safety and investment in tech platforms are the main priorities for companies dedicated to CX
  • CEOs from the main participating companies Atento, Liberty Latin America, Microsoft and Telefónica agree that the pandemic has called for an acceleration of transformation programs, including investments in digital platforms and an emphasis on improved cybersecurity.
  • Guy Kawasaki underscored that a period of huge growth will follow the pandemic and that now is time to be unique and bold in business decisions.

NEW YORK, February 3rd 2021 —  Yesterday Atento S.A., the largest provider of customer-relationship management and business-process outsourcing services in Latin America, and among the top five providers globally, hosted its global virtual event Living Digital: Breathing the new normalin its quest to explore the latest news in the CX sector and share its own best practices.

Designed for Atento clients and other sectoral stakeholders, the event was an engaging three-hour showcase to discuss digitalization in the CX sphere. Living Digital: Breathing the new normalprovided the spotlight for dialogues with CEOs from some of the biggest tech players, breakout sessions on key topics and a keynote speech by Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and chief evangelist of Canva, Guy Kawasaki.

In his inauguration speech Atento CEO Carlos Lopéz-Abadía said, “Our aim today is to share our experience and some of the learnings, but also our viewpoints and action plans for the coming months. Change is the only constant in life, and despite the crisis, or maybe because of it, we have accelerated Atento’s transformation. At the beginning of the pandemic, we established two main priorities: the health and security of our employees and the continuity of our services to clients. We hope everybody here today takes home a perspective about how the leaders in the industry have faced the challenges that affect all of us and how we can convert them into opportunities, during the period we call the “new normal”.

A CEO fireside chat moderated by Anne Igartiburu and comprised of CEOs from Liberty Latin America, Microsoft and Telefónica touched on the changes in the sector over the past year and established the priorities for the coming months. All participants agreed that the safety of employees and maintaining client services was paramount. This could be achieved through investing in digital platforms using disruptive technologies such as AI, automation, data analysis and IoT. Cybersecurity was also discussed as a factor of concern in the sector.

Attendees were given the opportunity to join one of three breakout sessions with the aim of sharing Atento’s best practices. The key themes covered during these sessions included the acceleration of the remote economy and teleworking, CX trends and how culture and values of a company impact their experience to customers.

The notions of increased acceleration of digital processes, the need for agility and a heightened tailor-made customer experience were themes that were shared across all three sessions, clearly indicating the tendencies over the coming months in the CX industry.

Guy Kawasaki’s keynote speech with a post-pandemic outlook

Finally, special guest Guy Kawasaki, rounded off the session with a keynote speech in which he underscored how a period of great growth would follow this period of pandemic, dependent on several factors including: planning for the long-term, being bold enough to sacrifice one product now to gain in the future, simplifying the offer to the consumer, working on creating loyalty with current customers, embracing digital and analyzing the current facts with a view to change.

In a wrap-up conversation with Carlos López-Abadía, the two experts agreed that reaching success depended on a range of elements but ultimately it rests upon determination. The conclusion drawn was that during this time of crisis, there was a need to be unique and brave: these two factors would ultimately lead to success.


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