CX grows via Facebook

The use of social media has grown over the past 5 months, driven by greater interest from companies to incorporate more digital channels into their strategies to engage with their consumers.

According to a study executed by Atento, this new dynamic has positioned Facebook as the second preferred channel by consumers to interact with brands, only behind email. The social network achieves user satisfaction levels of around 90%.

The study found that 29% of consumers prefer to use Facebook, which ranks only two percentage points behind email, and has become one of the most used digital channels by users, thanks to reduced response times and the convenience of being served on the world’s most popular social network.

Such tools use Artificial Intelligence technology, creating robots or bots that manage user data and requests without human intervention. Creating a bot to provide CX for customers takes 4 to 6 weeks and clients must define which process will be automated, as well as the different options that will be presented to the user, thus improving the platform effectiveness.

Through Facebook, Atento has served more than 120,000 interactions in the last 5 months across various sectors. Currently, this digital customer experience channel is used by insurers, airlines and recruitment companies.

Other social media networks are also used to deliver customer experience, such as Twitter and Instagram, which represent 16% and 1%, respectively. By the way, Facebook’s owned WhatsApp messaging platform represents 3% among the preferred digital care channels, which increases Facebook’s reach across the market.

The diverse options when consumers choose, as well as the tools and technologies available, are different for each case. What companies require is a strategy design, customized for their audiences, that integrates various channels that allow them to get where their users are. This will help them to improve customer’s experience, and therefore better relate to their consumers.


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