B2B Sales / Inside Sales

Achieve sustainable B2B sales growth, enabled by our customer loyalty strategies.

We use advanced analytics and a CX consulting approach to design customer journeys that enhance value and promote long-term loyalty. Our sales specialists use AI and predictive models to deliver the right offers, at the right time, through customers’ preferred channels.

What we do:

  1. Lead conversion, generating new sales more efficiently;
  2. Portfolio management, including the maintenance of long-term relationships, increasing sales and average ticket;
  3. Field sales support, guaranteeing the route coverage of missed visits.


50 %

NPS index increase

75 %

of customers reached

40 %

sales increase


High skilled sales teams

Account executive with a mindset to build long-term relationships. Customer-centric account executives with a loyalty-building mindset.

24/7 service

Use of integrated digital channels to provide service without interruptions. Omnichannel CX framework to deliver a frictionless experience in every touchpoint.

Leads conversion

We leverage digital and traditional channels to generate new opportunities.


We use Data Science to predict customer behavior (best time to contact, next best offer, availability, among others).

We use LUI (Language User Interface) to determine the right tone of voice and communication style according to customer profiles. (business, informal, etc.).

Versatile operational models include lead conversion, dedicated portfolio management, and/or sales support.

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