Customer Engagement
Your Multichannel Conversational Chat Bot.

Xtrabot has transformed from a voice-centric IVR platform to a versatile conversational asset.

Integration with Communication Platforms

It is accessible through a plethora of chat platforms, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Amazon Alexa, converting both text and voice-based interactions.

Multimoldal Access

Beyond Text chats, Xtrabot supports voice and video interactions, offering users a comprehensive and flexible communication experience.

Enterprise Software Connectivity

Xtrabot seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems like Altitude and Salesforce, enabling it to extract our input data, aiding in CRM tasks or sales tracking.

Xtrabot is our go-to solution for diverse communication needs. Whether it’s a customer reaching out via WhatsApp, a sales rep accessing Salesforce data or a team collaborating on Microsoft Teams, Xtrabot ensures every interaction is efficient and consistent.

Xtbrabot’s versatility is evident in its deep integrations. It seamlessly connects with popular communication platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and more, ensuring users have a wide range of access points. Beyond mere communication, its integration extends to enterprise software, notably Altitude and Salesforce, enabling real-time data exchange for tasks like customer relationship management and sales tracking. Furthermore, its capability to support both individual and group interactions showcases its readiness for diverse user scenarios, from personal queries to collaborative team settings.


Innovative Voice Intelligent BOT

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