An engaging program that encourages employee innovation by sharing ideas that can enhance the consumer experience.

What does innovation mean to Atento?

We believe that innovation isn’t just the outcome of a single department’s effort or exclusively tied to technology. At Atento, innovation is a collective process where everyone plays a crucial role.

Why Atento Ideas?

With the Atento Ideas program, we’re inviting all our team members to embrace forward-thinking. We aim to capture those brilliant ideas that can evolve into groundbreaking projects and significant operational enhancements. And we know that the spark of innovation can come from anywhere – including you!

A Gamified Platform

Atento Ideas isn’t just a platform; it’s a game of creativity and innovation where every team member has the chance to contribute and earn. For every idea you share, you’re recognized with points, which can then be exchanged for enticing rewards.

Our review process

We pride ourselves on a structured review mechanism. Every two weeks, our specialized executive committee, comprising senior leadership, managers, and professionals dedicated to transformation and innovation, comes together to discuss and deliberate on the ideas submitted.

Successful projects don’t just get implemented – they’re celebrated. They stand a chance to be recognized at our internal awards, such as the Atento Best Practices Global Awards.

Key Features

Unified channel to centralize idea collection and management, right from ideation to result measurements.

Conditional approval flow to automatically progress ideas to the approval stage.

Comprehensive employee recognition strategy with leaderboards and awards.

Fostering collaboration and co-creation of ideas, ensuring real value addition.

Benefits for Employees

Creativity Amplified: Enhance your problem-solving capabilities by tapping into deeper reservoirs of creativity.

Embrace Mistakes: Mistakes aren’t setbacks; they’re stepping stones. Learn, grow, and evolve.

Entrepreneurial Development: Sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and spearhead innovation.

A Framework for Your Ideas: Have a great idea? We offer the perfect structure for its development and realization.

Value-centric Learning: It’s not just about ideating but delivering substantial value.

Calculated Risks: Learn the art of taking calculated risks and the valuable lessons they bring.

Do you have any innovative idea to share with us?

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