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We began operations in Argentina in 1999 and we are now the segment leaders. We serve a wide range of clients, all of them highlights in the respective areas: telecommunications, finance, health care, retail, public administration and more.

Our centers

Amba Centro 2

Chacabuco 271 Pisos 5° y 6°, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, CP 1069

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Amba Larrea

Larrea 847, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires CP 1117

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Amba Martínez

México 2051 pisos 1° y 2°, Provincia Buenos Aires CP 1640

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Mar Del Plata

20 de Septiembre 2592 – Mar del Plata,Provincia de Buenos Aires – CP 7600

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Illia 829 – Resistencia, Chaco CP: 3500

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Roque Sáenz Peña

Pres. Arturo Illia 829/843 – Provincia de Chaco – CP 3500 || 9 de julio 565, Presidente Roque Saenz Peña – Provincia de Chaco – CP 3700

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Córdoba 1

Rosario de Santa Fe 187 – Provincia de Córdoba CP 5004

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Ejército del Norte 757 – Provincia de Tucumán – CP 4000

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Salta 1

Balcarce 487 – Provincia de Salta – CP 4400

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Salta 2

Santa Fe 649 – Provincia de Salta – CP 4400

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