• As a result of the effort made by Atento to guarantee the safety and health of its employees, around 27,000 company workers are already carrying out their work remotely.
  • This figure represents 25% of all Atento employees globally in a record time.
  • Atento continues to work to expand the number of managers who can carry out their tasks by teleworking in a safe and effective way.


NEW YORK – Atento S.A. (NYSE: ATTO), the leading provider of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing services (CRM/BPO) in Latin America, and one of the top five providers worldwide, aware of the humanitarian challenge we are currently facing due the advance of the COVID-19 virus, we continue to work tirelessly to adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the health of our employees, as well as the level of service for our clients. In this endeavor, our technology and operations teams are working hard to provide the telework option through our entire operation, with this option already being a reality, at the moment, for more than 27,000 employees. This figure represents that more than 25% of the company’s total workers worldwide are currently carrying out their tasks remotely.

Even so, we will not not cease in our efforts to continue optimizing our operations, overcoming the technical and logistical limitations to increase this number every day and thus fulfill our commitment with our employees, customers and society. All this will allow us to continue serving the more than 500 million users in Latin America, the United States and Spain, who need to solve a problem or a need every day during their quarantine.

The services offered by Atento to its clients are essential at the moment as they allow citizens to remain in their homes while keeping accessing to key services such as healthcare, emergency services or banking, among others, which have been declared, in different countries, as essential. One of the most relevant examples is the case of Praxair in Mexico, for whom we provide a service and help both hospitals and individuals who need it to request oxygen supply, a basic element at this moment. Likewise, since March 24th, from Atento Guatemala we are providing the physical, technological infrastructure and logistic support for the government service on COVID-19.

“Our commitment to employees, customers and society in general remains intact. That is why we continue to work together with the regional and global committees, established to adopt the necessary measures, following the WHO guidelines and even exceeding them in many cases, “said Carlos López-Abadia, CEO of Atento, who adds:”It is our obligation to maintain the quality levels of these services in this critical situation and for this we have concentrated our efforts on carrying out all the measures within our reach to maintain the health and well-being of our employees, who are our priority and greatest asset”.

In this case, exceptional cleaning and disinfection, ensuring a minimum distance between posts, limiting access to common areas, the option of flexible shifts to facilitate the care of families or the cancellation of all trips and in person meetings are some of the actions that we have implemented in our centers.

Our aim is always to guarantee service and safeguard the safety and well-being of our employees. For this reason, now even more, we appreciate the collaboration and commitment that our collaborators are showing at this historic moment in all regions.


About Atento
Atento is the largest provider of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing (CRM BPO) services in Latin America, and among the top five providers globally, based on revenues. Atento is also a leading provider of nearshoring CRM/BPO services to companies that carry out their activities in the United States. Since 1999, the company has developed its business model in 13 countries where it employs 150,000 people. Atento has over 400 clients to whom it offers a wide range of CRM/BPO services through multiple channels. Atento’s clients are mostly leading multinational corporations in sectors such as telecommunications, banking and financial services, health, retail and public administrations, among others. Atento´s shares trade under the symbol ATTO on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In 2019, Atento has been named one of the World´s 25 Best Multinational Workplaces and one of the Best Multinationals to Work for in Latin America by Great Place to Work®. For more information visit www.atento.com


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