Multi-generation management, innovation, and connectivity among the trends for the coming years, study led by Atento shows

  • Drawn up together with Inova Consulting, a leading Customer Experience Management company, the study presents the main trends for the sector in the coming years.
  • The most important factors include the ability to have winning business models, the analysis of changes in human behavior, and the performance of managers.

SÃO PAULO, January 13, 2022 – Managing different generations, embracing innovation, and adapting to the era of connectivity will be some of the top strategies for creating successful business models in the coming years. This was revealed by the “Global Trends for Business” survey, commissioned by Atento S.A., Latin America’s leading customer relationship services and business process outsourcing (CRM/BPO), and one of the five largest providers worldwide. The study reveals the main trends in business models and company management in the current market. It can be read in full in an e-book published on the company’s website.

“We are dealing with a profound change in human behavior: we are more connected, which has a direct impact on businesses, companies, and the decisions made by their leaders. We developed “Global Trends for Business” to support our customers and companies in this movement and help them provide the best experience to consumers and have the best results,” said Maurício Castro, Director of Marketing and Business Transformation at Atento in Brazil. 

According to this executive, Atento is totally connected to these trends and ready to support its customers in this regard.  “Atento’s innovative DNA constantly pushes us to seek new solutions for the market. The survey is the result of our focus on anticipating our customer needs and delivering the best customer experience solutions and business results. The good management of a diverse team, together with good ESG practices and the solidity of a multinational with a start-up culture, have placed Atento at the forefront of the market,” added Castro.

Examples include the company’s diversity and inclusion policy, widely recognized by the market; the implementation of a culture focusing on innovation, through the creation of an Innovation Hub, with initiatives that ensured the awarding of ISO 56002 certification for innovation management; training and mentoring programs, aimed at continuous training for all; the use of advanced technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, automation, machine learning, chatbots in its solutions; an exclusive Customer Experience Consultancy area; etc.

Developed in partnership with Inova Consulting, a global company headquartered in Brazil and present in Europe and USA that provides consultancy and training for the future, trends, and innovation, the report analyzes the impact of a more connected world on human behavior, companies, and, as a result, the performance of their managers.

The main trends for business highlighted by the study include:

  1. Generations: Every ten years, a new generation arises with new interests, perspectives, attitudes, and values. The search for a legacy that generates results and the growing conscious capitalism movement reinforce the trend toward greater success for companies that have a purpose. Also, with the increase in life expectancy and therefore professionals spending more time in the labor market, the ability to manage diverse teams is a critical success factor.
  2. Lifelong Learning: There is a growing search for professionals with a mastery of emotional and management skills. The path to the future clearly involves active methodologies in which students take on a key role in the teaching-learning process, along with support from educational technologies (edutech, for short). In this context, it is up to each individual to regularly and continuously seek to update their knowledge, aiming at constant evolution.
  3. Innovation: It has been proven that successful initiatives include those that look outwards, identify scenarios and trends, and, with this knowledge, develop initiatives in line with what the markets demand, i.e., those that innovate! That is why building, strengthening, and disseminating a Culture of Innovation marks the difference between the companies that will survive and those that will not. It is important to highlight that, more than technologies or products, innovation is a business discipline with the ability to transform the ecosystem and the business, and is everyone’s responsibility, regardless of their position in the hierarchy.
  4. Bottom-Up Management: Decentralized and collaborative, it empowers those on the front lines of the business. Based on a mentoring model, it reduces hierarchical levels and reincentivizes innovation and creativity in business. The companies of today and the future that have a comprehensive culture of empowerment are able to retain more talent, serve customers better, and deliver better results.
  5. Start-Up Mindset: Adopting a mindset inspired by start-ups means adopting practices, policies, and processes that, due to their flexibility, can correct routes and paths in a way that does not harm the company at delicate moments, or which boost results. People, processes, projects, decisions, departments—all aligned around increasing flexibility and acting promptly as a group—are the pillars of a future-oriented culture and mentality.
  6. Globalization: Globalization is the meeting point of certain aspects that unite civilizations from all around the world. The main factors in the development of globalization are the economy, culture, and information. A world without borders, promoted by the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, is perhaps the greatest consequence of globalization, expanding the ability to make goods, people, and knowledge circulate around the world. Gaining access to information, individuals, or companies is easy today, and it enables business decisions to be made at greater speed.
  7. Digitalization: Today, everything is becoming more digital, with a reduced use of physical resources and improved performance and responsiveness.  Digitalization is a new strategic approach for companies in a , highly connected, globalized world. Companies that do not adopt a digital mindset will have great difficulty surviving.
  8. Sustainability: Sustainability is a byword for business and political initiatives that are influencing changes in behavior and action in a variety of areas. Government policies, which increasingly offer incentives for sustainable initiatives and actions that protect the environment, as well as encouraging and enforcing a reduction in waste, will occupy more and more space on the global agenda.

“When we evaluate the insights revealed by the study, we are very proud to see that we have already worked successfully on all of them. We are widely recognized by the market when it comes to diversity and inclusion; we have programs to continuously stimulate education; we were the first company in the sector to gain ISO 56002; we have squads of multidisciplinary specialists who aim to offer the best solutions to our customers quickly and assertively; we use agile methodologies; we have a global presence that allows for an extremely rich exchange of experiences; we always anticipate the needs of consumers to ensure a journey that builds loyalty; and, lastly, we have a strong sustainability program,” explained Maurício Castro, Director of Marketing and Transformation at Atento.

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