Creating value through consultancy in CX

Atento is a leader in customer relationship management and business process outsourcing (CRM/BPO) services in Latin America and one of the Top 5 global suppliers, boasting more than 400 customers. Atento creates CX services for companies from different sectors that deliver improvement and innovation through CX management, optimizing costs and providing intelligent solutions positively impacting user perception and company's finances.

Our consultancy model

Furthermore, as part of our added value, we provide companies with specialist consultancy through an innovative method that, when applied, provides a comprehensive diagnosis, identifying opportunities for improvement throughout the customer’s entire approach. Our consultancy is designed around methodologies like Design Thinking, Agile Design, and Lean 6 Sigma. In addition to our extensive experience managing services for companies from around the globe across more than ten industries, we can design efficient, innovative solutions that contribute to companies’ growth and digital transformation.

How do we do it?

“Our consultancy includes a strategic market analysis that allows us to align to the company’s strategy and offer tailor-made solutions that help to obtain a better position in the industry. We analyze the customer’s experience, day-to-day undertakings, and interaction with the different service channels, identifying opportunities in terms of functionality and engagement, and complementing this diagnosis with an assessment of the key operating processes and technological tools.”

Based on this comprehensive diagnosis, we redesign the customer’s day-to-day undertakings by applying solutions that promote development, achieve efficiency, and improve the customer experience, combining different new-generation technological capacities such as Data Science, AI, Automation via RPA, Multichannel approaches, digital marketing, and Business Intelligence, to offer a unique, fluid experience and minimize errors.

What do we achieve?

By applying our consultative processes, we achieve actual, measurable transformations at companies, improving the life cycle and relationship with their customers and optimizing processes.

At Atento, we would be delighted to partner with your company, creating tailor-made solutions that generate value and help achieve your strategic objectives.

South Consulting Team


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