Resilience in the Time of Ransomware

An actual ransomware attack is a real situation, which will test the true resilience of the security and technology leaders responsible for providing support and leading the entire team’s enormous efforts: There is no such thing as favorable wind if you do not know where you are heading.

As in every disaster scenario, there is always a spark, a domino that falls and inexorably pushes over the other tiles around it: The start of a computer’s encryption. The moment the chief information security officer (CISO) gets the call that activates the crisis committee is when the resilience of corporate cybersecurity is really activated. It is this person who must first make the right decisions that will contain and remedy the situation, while at the same time offering support and giving the best advice to the rest of the company to help prioritize each action line and put more wind in technology’s sails: What is decided in those first moments will set the company’s recovery time.
This White Paper provides valuable insights on:
  • The moment everything changes
  • Origins
  • Deployment
  • Execution
  • Some technical tips for improving resilience
  • But it is not just a question of technology, there is also due diligence

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