RENFE Self-Service


To help our client position itself as the benchmark Public Administration service in terms of customer-service quality and efficiency.


To develop RENFE’s self-service customer care so that 15% of customer care service interactions were self-managed thanks to the automated phone service platform developed by Atento.


Atento’s operations for Renfe involve over 300 operators providing information and ticket sales by phone, Atendo service, and Adif infrastructure information, as well as home sales management. To provide the service, Atento also relies on the Special Employment Center of its Atento Impulsa branch, which has 65 agents allocated to the service.
The automated service platform that Atento developed can handle 180 simultaneous calls, which enables processing up to 10,000 calls per hour.
Atento has developed a self-service automation system that eliminates traditional menus and implements an advanced call-routing solution based on open-ended questions that users can answer in a completely natural manner. Application of automated voice recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU) technologies enable calls to self-route in 94% of cases. Resolution of the remaining 6% of cases activates the virtual agent technique, where a virtual operator assists system-based routing without alerting the user, even as the operator helps train the automatic system and improve its effectiveness.
Renewed customer confidence. Atento offers customer experience solutions to Renfe since June 2017, and has recently extended the cooperation project to 2022.


The new model adds several benefits both for the service agents, who can focus on tasks with much higher value-added, and for users themselves, whose calls are answered without delay at any time of the day, with reduced waiting times and reduced overall interaction duration, leading to improved customer experience.


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