Dive Deep into Data for Proactive Attrition Management

DataOcean by Atento is a sophisticated analytics platform designed to predict agent attrition, enabling proactive management and retention strategies. With its advanced prediction model, DataOcean provides actionable insights that significantly reduce voluntary attrition rates.

Attrition Prediction Model

Utilizes a comprehensive dashboard to forecast potential agent attrition 90 days in advance, with a high degree of accuracy.

Granular Management

Produces individual probability scores for each agent, allowing for detailed and targeted management approaches.

Risk-Based Prioritization

Agents are categorized within programs and hierarchies, streamlining the identification and prioritization of high-risk cases.

Team, ultimately benefiting client operations and customer satisfaction.

DataOcean enhances workforce stability by identifying and addressing factors contributing to agent turnover. This predictive approach ensures a more engaged and consistent service DataOcean integrates seamlessly with HR and management systems, providing a data-driven foundation for decision-making and strategic planning in human resources and operational management.


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