Customer Engagement
Streamlining Customer Engagement with Unified Solutions

Horizon is a customer engagement asset that serves as a unified front-end guiding operators seamlessly through the processes of product sales, retention, and Telecom services.

Unified Interface

Horizon provides a single, integrated interface for operators to manage customer interactions and transactions efficiently.

Data Retrieval

It searches for and retrieves customer data, credit status, and performs repair checks and terminal tests on legacy systems.

Product Analysis

Horizon simplifies the analysis of product availability, making it easier for operators to understand and sell services.

Horizon is used to streamline the customer service process, from sales to service management, by providing all necessary information and tools in one place.

Horizon’s unified front-end is designed to integrate with a variety of legacy systems, allowing for a comprehensive overview of customer information and service status, which enhances the operator’s ability to sell and retain services.

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