Journey by Atento

Customer Engagement
Unifying Communications, Enhancing Interactions

Journey by Atento is a comprehensive CRM solution that consolidates all communication channels into a single platform, offering centralized tracking of customer interactions across any medium.

Omnichannel Integration

Integrates a wide array of channels including chat, email, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Telegram, Video, Phone, and X, providing a unified customer view.

Video Call capabilities

Offers robust support for video calls and video assistance, adding a personal touch to customer interactions.

Advanced BOT Technology

Features a brand persona BOT with NPL, enhanced by Microsoft GenAI , for smarter, more intuitive, customer engagements

Journey is employed to create a seamless customer experience, ensuring that every interaction, whether via text, voice or video, is tracked and managed from a central point.

The solution’s BOT, powered by Microsoft GenAI, exemplifies its integration capabilities, leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide intelligent and responsive communication. The platform’s ability to unify various channels into one CRM system streamlines customer service processes and enhances the overall customer journey.

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