Customer Engagement
Agile CRM Dynamics with Atento’s Power

Leviatan is an agile CRM solution, supercharged by Atento, designed to streamline both inbound and outbound customer service with a suite of powerful functionalities.

CX Interface

Offers a comprehensive front end for managing customer interactions, both inbound and outbound.

Configurable tools

Equipped with customizable wizards and scripts for dynamic service flows, alongside basic case and sales management features.

Analytics & Reporting

Features robust dashboards and configurable reports, providing real-time and historical insights.

Levitatan serves as the central hub for customer relationship management, facilitating case handling, sales tracking, and providing actionable insights through its advanced reporting capabilities.

Leviatan boasts extensive technical capabilities, including integration via REST APIs and SOAP Web Services, and data consolidation from multiple sources. Its security features are robust, with AD integration and AES-256 data encryption. Additionally, its modular design allows for personalization through plug-ins, and process parameterization can be tailored for various service aspects like customer service, ticketing, and sales.

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