LUI – Language User Interface

CX Consulting
Revolutionizing Conversations with Technology

We believe in the power of intuitive communication. Our Language User Interface (LUI) is designed to create conversational interfaces such as IVRs, Chatbots, and Virtual Agents. These interfaces are not just tools; they are the bridge between businesses and their customers, ensuring a seamless and efficient interaction.

UX Conversation Design

Our design methodologies and techniques are tailored for conversational interfaces, ensuring greater assertiveness and resoluteness in every interaction.

Brand Persona

We understand the importance of brand identity. That's why we establish a conversational brand persona that resonates with the brand's tone of voice, vocabulary, and language style.


Our focus is not just on creating interfaces but on delivering measurable results. We track both business and user experience metrics to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

Atento’s LUI is a cornerstone in our customer service solutions. It allows us to offer intuitive and efficient communication channels, improving results for our clients and ensuring the best experience for end-users.

LUI seamlessly integrates with our advanced technology capabilities like sentiment and interactions analysis through AI, and data science applications. This integration amplifies the value we bring to our clients, ensuring that our conversational interfaces are backed by robust data analytics and insights.


People Analytics: Proactively Addressing Agent Attrition

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