Customer Engagement
Where Web Meets Telephony

Seamlessly blending online tools with traditional phone services, Symphonie represents our dedication to streamlining communication and enhancing user experiences.

All-In-One Telephony

From login in and out to managing active calls, transfers and conferences.

Dynamic Data Handling

Effortlessly receive, display, and transmit customer data for tailored interactions.

Future-Ready Design

Built with microservices and containers, Symphonie is scalable and ready for seamless integrations.

We leverage Symphonie as a go-to solution, bridging digital platforms with traditional phone services for a seamless and efficient experience.

Symphonie integrates with AVAYA, ALVARIA, and OLOS ACDs, and to perform a comprehensive range of telephony functions. Beyond these functions, it’s adept at receiving, presenting, and sending customer data. Thanks to its development using microservices and containers, Symphonie is not only scalable but also integrates with other systems, including Journey and Sirius.

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