An end-to-end delivery model, designed to fulfill the most varied business needs, such as contingencies, rapid workspace expansion, volume peaks, or seasonality services handling while giving access to specialized talent. This high-secure and reliable environment enhance employee productivity and engagement, by boosting results, quality, and end-customer satisfaction. We combine full internal process virtualization and leading-edge technologies, allowing our professionals to work confidently from their homes.

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Contingency plan in strikes, pandemics, natural disasters

Volume peaks management enabled by technology

More flexible working hours including nighttime and weekends

Social inclusion - people with disabilities

Great option to rapid expansion/growth

Talent retention, absenteeism and turnover reduction

Higher quality interactions, end-customer satisfaction

Increased productivity and quality of life

Air quality improvement

Our Advantages

Robust governance model focused on performance, security and welfare

Ability to operate nationwide. Agile and massive implementation capacity

Geographical distribution analysis of workforce

Data security

  • Access control, preventing simultaneous connections from the same user.
  • Biometric fingerprint validation
  • Workstation with security specifications
  • Facial recognition to enter the system
  • Encrypted data
  • Real time monitoring
  • Remote monitoring software
  • Multi-scenario technological security: VPN, Citrix, VDI
  • No access to external storage device
  • Screen recording
  • Transaction log for fraud incidents
  • Blocking of working hours

Business models

A cost-effective business model, focusing in productivity and CSAT KPIs, along with overall CX improvements.

Hybrid Operations

Operation split between Home Office and Atento Facilities

Full HO Operations

10% ~ 15% of seats available for contingency

Model implementation


Virtual Recruitment

  • 100% digital corporate site
  • Artificial intelligence for pre-screening



Virtual Interview

  • Video calls
  • Quantum test



Virtual Onboarding

  • Continuous e-learning by certified coaches
  • Gamification and simulators

100% remote Onboarding


"ATC's digital channels grew by 38% in real interactions with previous months."

Arturo Gonzalez, Platform Manager at ATC, Telefonica Movistar México

"I saw an increase in productivity among agents by eliminating travel time to the office."

Cecilia Marquez, Director of Call Center, Mission Hotels.

"Our clients’ quality and satisfaction rates did not suffer when transitioning to the remote model."

Mauricio Ramón, Director of Customer Relations, Linde.
More than 80 customers are already part of WAHA.

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