Guarantee your business continuity with Atento@Home
In this new normal, we want your business to improve its Customer Experience through our management services. Atento@Home is a secure, cloud-native solution that expands our added value to various business scenarios where location flexibility, rapid ramp up, access to specialized talent, extra hours support, and/or business continuity plans are needed in the event of pandemics, natural disasters or changes in legislation.

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Find out more information and inspiration to respond to today’s remote work challenges and how we can help you, by connecting CX teams to a cloud-native solution everywhere. Explore it!


Guarantee interactions with your customers in an agile and reliable way

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Atento@Home: The most secure cloud-native solution that adds value to your business

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Atento@Home pillars

The Atento@Home model bases its E2E solution on the expansion of its Customer Experience (CX) services for remote work, guaranteeing reliable operations and improving customer satisfaction through the following pillars:


Atento@Home is the combination of technological infrastructure and management tools to place agents to safely work at home, while guaranteeing an extraordinary experience for both our clients and our collaborators.

Rapid expansion and ramp-in during crisis, such as contingencies, epidemics or natural disasters.

We boost your productivity and deliver higher quality interactions with real-time monitoring and follow-ups.

We offer a cost-effective alternative to a traditional model and with the same skillset.

We can be everywhere: even in places where there is no physical infrastructure.



Closeness to
your customers

Boost to digital




Social inclusion for people with disabilities

100% digital Hiring Process

We offer you cost-effective business models, focused on productivity and customer satisfaction KPIs, along with improvements in Customer Experience (CX).

1. Virtual Recruitment

Candidate clicks on the corporate portal and interacts with a Chatbot, supported by AI. Process selection screens for the best talent for our clients.

2. Virtual Interview

Once the candidate’s application is reviewed, he/she receives a call to schedule a virtual interview. After the conversation, we send a proposal.

3. Virtual Onboarding

We deliver equipment and provide IT support to set them up, plus train them through online programs (e-learning) and game-based learning techniques (Gamification).

Broaden your business' horizons with Atento@Home

In this new normal, and given the current level of the market’s demands, we are your best alternative to guarantee the continuity of your operation and to respond in an agile and fast way to sudden changes in the demand of customer services, sales, back office and technical support services remotely.

Atento migrated more than 72,000 agents within 45 days at the beggining of the pandemic, demonstrating our ability to deploy and manage remote agents on a large scale.

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